Architectural Photography Tips and Tricks

architectural photography

There are many beautiful buildings in different areas across the globe. As an architectural photographer, your job is to capture the intricate design of each structure using the right camera settings and lighting. You need to know how to get the right shot so that you can produce photographs that will create the same sense of awe that these structures have in real life. There are many photography tips geared specifically toward architectural photography that you can use when you are getting ready to snap photographs.

Use the Weather to Your Advantage

One of the main photography tips when taking architectural photographs is to use the weather. If you were trying to get the perfect shot of a sun while it sets, weather would work against you. However, when you are capturing images of building, the weather can add excitement to an otherwise traditional photograph. Imagine capturing a photograph of a high-rise in the city while the rain is pouring down. If you are careful enough with the camera, you can literally capture bits of raindrops while they fall, which adds something more and makes the building look even better. Rain is not the only element you can use in your pictures. Dark gray clouds, snow, and lightning are especially ideal.

Work With Lighting and Shadows

Do not let difficult lighting or shadows discourage you from getting a great picture. When you are taking photographs indoors of a building, there are many different elements that can come alive if you adjust the lighting a bit until you find the right match. While you really want to capture the actual design of the building, it is the extra bits and pieces inside the building that can make a difference. Most importantly, never be afraid to use something different, such as a curve in the architectural structure of the building. The curve inside part of the building could transform your picture from basic to beyond wonderful.

Use the Right Lenses

As a photographer, you likely carry multiple lenses with you. When taking pictures of buildings, lenses with wide angles are most suitable. The wider lenses that you use will help you get the full image that you want and need, especially if you are outdoors and are taking a picture of a building that is fairly wide.

These photography tips can help you produce better pictures. With your passion for architectural photography, the right equipment, and the knowledge on capturing buildings to the best of your ability, you can end up with impeccable photographs that are like no other.


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