Bachelor’s in Photography

Bachelors in Photography

If you are trying to decide whether or not to get a Bachelor’s degree in photography, you will want to consider the pros and cons of the field. The most obvious advantage of getting a degree is that you will have thousands more job possibilities than if you had no schooling. On the other hand, the disadvantage that immediately comes to mind is that it is a lot of money to go to school.


In addition to having more jobs open up, getting a degree in photography will allow you to receive schooling and training in several other areas of study. This gives you the ability to switch fields if you need to, making it easier to survive the roller coaster economy.


You do not only lose money when you enroll in college, you also lose time with your family. It can be a high price to pay when you have children and activities that you have to schedule between. If you are not able to get a high paying job, or are only a freelance photographer, you may not make up the amount of time and money you lost while getting a degree.

With both of the pros and cons considered, only you will know whether a degree is the right path for you. There is no right or wrong answer in the photography field, as both can be as equally successful and unsuccessful. The biggest factor is your determination and how much research you do before starting a career.