Photography Industry

The Biggest Photography Sales in History

biggest photography sells

Photography is one of the most influential artistic methods in human history. The powerful impact photographs bring are so profound that even after two hundred years, it is still one of the most favored way of preserving any special moment. However, though it is a method to preserve the past, it is also a nice way to earn a living and many became overnight millionaires due to a large amount of their photography price.

The First Digital Camera

first digital camera

The innovation that changed it all was back in 1975 when Steve Sasson had an idea that changed the way people saw the world forever.

Landscape Photo Contest: Showcase


Two weeks ago we hosted a landscape photo submissions contest on Facebook, and the response was overwhelming. We received countless amazing shots, and bringing it down to just five winners was near impossible. So we’ve put together a showcase of the best entries, and winners from each sub category.

How to get your Photos Published

getting photos published

Your skills have progressed to a level to where you are satisfied, and you’re ready to share your unique visions captured in the world. This is definitely a moment of pride, and knowing how to get your photos published is the next important step. Freelance photographers the world over vie for choice publication slots, but it’s not the momentous task you think it may be.

Underwater Photography for Beginners

underwater photography

If you are thinking about taking photographs underwater then you’ll need to know some of the basics of what will be some stunning images that you would have been the architect of. First you will need to find some good diving sites that will be colorful, bright and friendly for photography. Marine life or ship wrecks all make for some good photos so you should look for popular dive centers around the world where many scuba divers frequent.

The Edgar Allan Poe Daguerreotype

poe daguerreotype

Poe Daguerreotypes are essentially portraits of Edgar Allan Poe; these portraits are thought to be of the most accurate likeliness of the author, although there is question to the truth of this in many instances.
Throughout the years these portraits have been sought after by collectors, and have sold for large amounts.

What Type of Lens do I Need?

what type of lens do i need

Depending on the focal length, lenses have various designations, but what type of lens do I need? In general, lens types fall under two categories- a very wide field of view and a narrow field of view, exaggerating depth and flattening depth respectively. One can also achieve different effects in their photos by simply changing the focal length or alternating between primes. Here are some of the common lens types and their exact purpose.

What Is HDR Photography?

What is HDR photography

After it became a popular trend a few years ago, many were left asking “what is HDR photography?” HDR is an acronym which stands for high dynamic range. This is a photographic imaging technique that is used to create images which showcase a wider range of brightness or what is often called luminosity. The result is a photograph that should look more like the way a human sees a scene as opposed to how the camera captured it at a particular moment on a particular day.

Portrait Photography Tips and Tricks

portrait photograph tips

While seemingly simple, obtaining quality portrait images of individuals is often one of the most difficult tasks for both amateur and professional photographers alike. This is because there are a number of different variables that go into creating such a portrait that have to be tweaked or manipulated by experienced photographers in order to get the type of image desired.

The Professional Photographers Association (PPA)


The world of photography is huge. There are seemingly endless genres from portrait to wildlife, and each and every one can be included in this wonderful world of photography. Every one of these elements can be captured through a lens to create something wonderful.