Photography Schools

The Benefits of Online Photography Courses

The Benefits of an Online Photography Course

Photography has become a popular industry in many places around the world.  Some people prefer to engage in photography as a hobby while others try to pursue it as a career.  Before looking for jobs in photography, you should get proper training and understand the basics of photography. It will give you the potential to take interesting and quality photographs and impress others.

Interested in Photography Classes in Florida?

Florida Photography Classes

Florida is one of the loveliest states in the country, with so many sights, sounds, and yes, people to take pictures of.  People there have so much to enjoy, which is why lots of them are getting into photography classes. So, how does someone in Florida enroll in a class that he or she will really benefit from?

Choosing the Best Photography School

Choosing the Best Photography School

A lot of people enjoy taking pictures at events, on special occasions or when seeing something spectacular, from a perfect sunrise to a mouth-watering hamburger. With the  proliferation of social media and more affordable point-and-shoot cameras, everybody seems to be an amateur photographer these days. But then, there are those who want to take this activity to the next level, for them choosing a photography school right for them may be intimidating.

11 Top Photography Schools for Future Photo Journalists

Photo Journalist Programs

It is important for aspiring photojournalists to obtain the proper training and education to gain a competitive edge in their field.  Selecting a photography school to earn your degree can be a daunting, confusing process.  Don’t worry, we are here to help!  Below are 11 schools with excellent photography and photojournalism programs.