Dream Jobs: Photographers Turned Videographers

photographer turned Videographer

Still photography may be the go-to medium for most photography degree students, but with the evolution in technology these days, there is something to be said about the field of video-making. Students looking at a degree in photography shouldn’t completely shut out the possibility of adding film “photography” to their arsenal.

Photographers and videographers have more in common than they may know.

These days, with the high-quality video recording capability of DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) cameras, videographers and photographers may end up using similar tools. The complicated lighting process that may go into setting up a film’s shot can be just as complex as a photographer’s lighting rig when taking shots in a studio.

Videographers and photographers both utilize a wide variety of lenses to get the right look for their shot. They use the same lessons learned in photography to get the best shots. Rule of thirds is more important than people realize in film and it stands as one of the cardinal rules in photography.

In the film world, the term “principal photography” refers to the phase when a film is actually be filmed. The word photography is used in a major realm of video-making.

What more needs to be said?

Photography students must not shun the idea of videography when looking at colleges to enroll in. Many photography courses will introduce students to the concept of video recording alongside the basics of photography. While photography students may see this as unnecessary, the job market is looking for well-rounded photographers.

Photojournalism almost requires the use of both photography and videography to help tell stories. Self-employed photographers can market themselves even better with the help of videography. Whether you specialize in event photography or even portrait photography, a photographer being able to offer videography within their toolset instantly makes them more attractive to their clients.

As stated previously, many of the lessons and tools of photography go hand-in-hand with videography. It is not a big jump for a photographer to look into utilizing their talents to produce high quality videos.

The same goes for videographers. People looking at a degree in film may even look to dabble in the world of photography for the same exact reasons.

Famous photographers Man Ray and Andy Warhol both made the most of their time in the world of photography, but they also created a number of experimental films that would act as inspiration for filmmakers and photographers alike.

Videography and photography are one in the same and both should be considered for any student interested in either realm.

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