Nature Photography

nature photography

Nature photography is about capturing the inherent beauty from the natural scenery outdoors. Photographers can use plants and animals in their natural habitat to capture photographs that are often some of the most unique, stunning, and highly-appreciated photos in the world. Some of the leading nature photographers know all the right tricks and tips to get the images that they want. These photographers more often than not have a love of nature and do not mind getting a bit dirty if it means getting a great shot.

Different Types of Nature Photography

Since nature photography has been around for decades, there are lots of quality pictures capturing some of the amazing, natural landmarks. There are pictures of Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon. Along with popular landmarks across the globe, nature photography also includes pictures of rainforests, lakes, rivers and marine animals.

Nature photographs in the water are a bit more difficult to capture. Photographers who want to get closeup pictures of sharks, whales and other sea animals will need a special camera that they can use under the water. They will also need to wear protective safety gear so that they can continue to breathe as they are down on the ocean floor. If it were not for all the effort and work photographers put into these pictures, most people would have no idea what certain animals and certain habitats look like at all.

Who Are The Most Influential Nature Photographers?

Most photographers who are involved with nature photography spend a majority of their time outdoors and are dedicated to shooting anything and everything until they get that perfect image. There are some very influential photographers who help to inspire others interested in taking photographs of nature but it can all really be traced to two of the originals. Ansel Adams is one of the most influential nature photographers to have ever existed. He has taken many stunning shots, including mountains in Yosemite and petals of a rose located directly next to a pond. The picture of the rose with the pond in the background is effortlessly perfect because the puddle comes to life as a drip of water must have landed right in it as the picture was getting taken.

William Henry Jackson was also involved with nature photography and was the person who inspired the process of having National Parks in different areas. People were able to see how truly beautiful the plants, trees and trails were, and they decided to do something positive about it.* William Henry Jackson might have never known that his pictures would turn into inspiration in the way that they did.

William Henry Jackson- The Hayden Expedition, Wyoming, circa 1871


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