One Camera for All Purposes

one camera

Times have changed a lot when it comes to the digital world and cameras. A decade ago people were still using Polaroid cameras, nowadays the competition is fierce. Every smartphone includes a camera, however professional photographers need a little more than that. If you just enjoy photography as a hobby, you need a reliable camera that includes multiple features as well as an affordable price tag. Some cameras are better than others, and here are the 3 best cameras that mix functionality with high end technology to allow you to pack a full camera quiver into just one body without spending too much.

Fujifilm X100S

This camera looks larger than other models on the market, however it offers a variety of cool features that every photographer will love. Its design is appealing and reminiscent of the 60′s era. Fujifilm X100s looks vintage and attracts people who search for a retro camera. It may have an old style look, however its modern features make it one of the best cameras on the market at this time. Fujifilm X100S includes a a 35mm field of view. The auto focus has been improved with this one, so that the notorious slugging problems seen in the previous models are no longer an issue. The camera combines black and silver for a unique design. Overall, Fujifilm X100S is the best camera in its price range.

Sony Alpha NEX-6

This is the best mirror-less with interchangeable lens camera priced under $1000. The quality of the photos and videos is impressive, which is all thanks to the 16 MP resolution, with a 3x optical zoom, a 4x digital zoom, and 15.6 x 23.5mm sensor.  It comes with 16 different special effects for the pictures and many other options. The camera’s maximum viewing angle is 83 degrees. Many of Sony Alpha NEX-6′s users are disappointed in its lack of a neutral color preset. In fact no Sony camera under this price has this option. You can’t save a group of settings either.

Olympus OM-D E-M1

This is another camera delivering a great image even if you don’t have enough natural light. This camera only has one major flaw: there is no flash for night pictures. It has a resolution of 16 MP. Olympus OM-D E-M1 has a quick autofocus, unlike other models. Just as expected, the camera allows several media formats supported. This Micro Four Thirds is rather pricey, but quality doesn’t sell cheap. This Olympus is built in a special way to be protected against dust and other elements, while offering a great grip too. This is a pretty heavy camera.

Before you decide which camera to get, make sure it fits your needs. If you want to take underwater photos and videos make sure the camera is a waterproof one. Some cameras are lighter than others, however all modern cameras have a pretty sturdy built. Dropping your camera without causing it to break is important for many photographers, so this is another aspect to consider. Keep in mind that true photographers have more than one camera, and many times they carry several wherever they go.


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