Outstanding Landscape Photography Award Recipients


In February of this year, Photography Colleges hosted its first ever Landscape Photography Contest, held entirely on Facebook () and open to the public. This award celebrates excellence in landscape photography and is judged on composition, technical quality and artistic merit.

Congratulations to the 2014 Outstanding Landscape Award Winners!

Each winner received an award badge to showcase to friends, family and the public.

Here are the list of winners:

1. Jyothi Thathekile Frömming
4. Jeffrey Lafever
6. Dianna Miljour
7. Doug Pickelheimer
8. Terrayza Bowen
9. Heather November Hall
10. Vishal Marty
11. Grent Neubauer
12. Cait McDemus
13. Jonny Garcia
15. Krystal Pasley
16. Missy Lynn Milliman
17. Morgan Strobl
18. Risa Kelsey
19. Bonnie Miller DeMoss
20. Eric Giuliani
21. Kait Crean Johnson
22. Nicole Puranda
23. Trevor Tobie
24. JoAnna DeLuna
25. Nicci Miller
26. Darrin DeRose

For a visual showcase of the winning photos, please visit: http://photography-colleges.com/landscape-photo-contest-showcase/

Stay tuned on our for more contests and fun!

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