The Top Photography Schools in Texas


Texas has one of the highest percentages of regular employee photographers in the country. The number of professional photographers in the state is also expected to grow even faster during the rest of the decade. With the increasing use of photography in every form and in our everyday lives, there is the question of whether there is a future of photography as a profession. The irony is that the increase in the use of mobile devices in this field has fueled the appreciation for the professional photographer’s job. The use of digital technology has also led to the immediacy of developing an image. This in turn, has made hands on and group photography classes even more important. There are several great Texas photography schools, chief among which are:

  • Texas School of Professional Photography – This is an intense but very enjoyable event which is also considered as the best photo education in the world. There were more than a thousand photographers attending the event in 2013. With 36 classes spread over one week, it promises to be a photo shoot event like no other. Theory, practice and networking all rolled into one. The way the Texas School is designed, participants would not have time to sleep, and would instead be taking pictures at all hours of the day[1].
  • University of Texas at Dallas, Photography Program — Photography’s past and future comes together in this program. With an emphasis on digital photography and black-and-white photography, the school has assembled a comprehensive program which makes use of technology, past and present. The school has dark rooms, workstations for digital imaging, scanning and image editing along with large-format printing. The school also has the Comer Collection, which includes pictures dating to 1934. The school also hosts art and photography exhibitions, as well as lectures and class visits to museums and galleries[2].
  • Texas Tech University, College of Visual and Performing Arts, School of Arts, Photography — The Texas Tech University program curriculum is based on fine art photography. The curriculum aims to develop a well-rounded base for the budding photographer to experiment and grow both as an artist and in the use of technology in photography[3].
  • Texas State University College of Fine Arts and Communication, Art and Design — The Texas State University Photography program has a broad-based curriculum which takes the student through a comprehensive course of study. The student develops an appreciation of photography technology through hands on work on historical methods of image processing. Side by side with using old technology is the use of the latest digital photography equipment. This method allows the student to develop his own style of expression with a good grounding on theory[4].

There are other schools in the same level as the above, several of which offer intensive programs which balance theory and practice. Hands on experience and peer-review are important in such a field which seamlessly combines art and science. It is all up to the student what voice he wants to develop in his pictures. It is also up to the student to develop his eye for the camera and media.



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