Thoughts on a Photography Degree

Photography Degree

Obtaining a photography degree is something that should be taken seriously. To start, you will want to decide where you desire to go to school. Look for programs that are strong in photography and fine arts. You also want to attend a school that has values that you agree with and can follow.

The next step is looking at the curriculum. You will want to find a program that combines both education, and photography career skills. There are many different types of photography, but they are often divided into two categories, studio photos and on site photography.

If you cannot decide what you area of the photographic field you want to go into, then you should look into an associate degree. You can work in photojournalism, at a camera shop, or a studio. Once you have figured out what area you want to focus on, you can get a degree by transferring credits. Knowing whether you want to go to the fine arts side (studio photography) or business side (photojournalism) will help you decide which college to attend.

Before starting any degree program, you should look at online programs and county classes. They will help you prepare for college. It may also make it possible for you to get a degree from home, at your own pace. There are colleges online, if you are able to keep yourself motivated. If this is the path you decide, you should find a studio that will allow you to intern and grow with experience.