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A career as a wedding photographer can be exciting and personally rewarding, as you get to be a key part of one of the most intimate and special moments of a couples lives. It’s a wedding photographer’s main responsibility to provide marrying couples with superior wedding photos they will cherish for a lifetime. A professional wedding photographer will often have the opportunity to work in lush environments and can work as local photographers or destination wedding photographers. Photographers who are exceptional at taking superior wedding photos will often be paid extra to travel to exotic wedding locations.

Becoming a wedding photographer means having a complete and thorough knowledge of various digital cameras and accessories, lenses, filters and photo capturing techniques. Movement and action combined with proper lighting are aspects which a photographer must study in depth in order to be able to produce exceptional, quality photos which people will be willing to pay top dollar for. A wedding photographer must work their way up to a professional status from the ground up.

This means spending months or years as an assistant or apprentice to a professional photographer. This background experience will provide valuable hands-on learning and will allow an opportunity for you to become familiar and adept with using a variety of cameras, as well as learning the important aspects of angles, focusing, and lighting while shooting a variety of on-location photos.

Formal training is also another way to achieve a professional status as a wedding photographer. Students can choose to pursue a Bachelors or Associates degree in photography, which is categorized as a Fine Arts degree. Online degrees are also available to people who have busy schedules but still want to advance their education.

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Wedding Photographer Salary

It’s the wedding photographers’ job to capture some of the most memorable moments in a couple’s life, which is why they receive top dollar for it. Not only do wedding photographers need to know how to take excellent photos, they also need to have superb interpersonal skills to direct and stage shots without be obtrusive. Top wedding photographers can earn over $200,000 per year.*

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