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A degree in photography offers you a lot of knowledge in the use of various tools, programs and approaches in photography work. This degree opens numerous doors in a number of career fields. However, with the ever-changing face of technology, you need to know the latest trends in photography. This is why you need to attend a college that offers a lot of dynamism in the resources available for learners as well as skilled instructors. There are a number of West Coast photography schools that can fit this profile.

Here are a few suggestions of the colleges to attend if you live here*:

1. Brooks Institute found in Santa Barbara

This is a school offering to its students a whole school dedicated to photography. It is the one of the first photography schools that comes to the mind of many people when talking of photography schools at the West Coast. With its setting in Santa Barbara, it boasts of the photography exposure due to its industry surrounding. Hence, a student is able to get a lot of hands-on experience alongside the photography lessons he is taught. Brooks promotes a “learning by doing” philosophy and gives its students a challenging and broad range of courses to aid in the development of their photography skills[1].

2. The Art Center College of Design

This private college is located in Pasadena. It has been ranked highly both nationally and internationally for the standard of education that students receive. The Center’s Film Programs, which are gaining even more attention, have added to the reputation of this college. A learner looking for a place with immense resources for a successful photography course can therefore take advantage of this institution. With a bachelor’s degree in photography and imaging from this school, you may be able to find career opportunities in advertising, photography agent, portraiture, fashion, and several others[2].

3. The California Institute of the Arts

This is also referred to as The Cal Arts and is located in Valencia in Los Angeles. Primarily it provides education on the performance and visual arts. It has a rich history having been originally formed by Walt Disney in the mid 1990’s. The school offers a program in photography and media to give their students the tools and education to pursue a career in photography or a photography-related field. It offers a four year Bachelor’s program, as well as two year master’s degree[3].

The institution prides itself on producing students who will bring a lot of changes in their respective fields once they start working.

4. Academy of Art University in San Francisco

This is also one of the West Coast photography schools that you may choose to apply your passion for photography at. It offers both on-campus programs as well as distance learning opportunities and is a non-profit institution. It has a good photography program which has produced award winning photographers. Most notable of these is Deanne Fitzmaurice. With its location in San Francisco, you could get immense photography skills from its qualified instructors and learning resources. The school offers associates, bachelors and masters of fine arts degrees to its students[4].

5.Santa Monica College

This is a community college which can also offer you important skills in photography. It is yet another of the numerous institutions focusing on the arts at the West Coast. It is a junior college which offers numerous certificate media courses and animations. You can thus take advantage of this college as a precursor to entry into another university for more in-depth photography skills. A unique feature of this school is that it offers a business of photography course to better aid you if you should decide to start your own business upon completion[5].

There are several more photography colleges at the West Coast that one can choose from. If you love photography, you may wish to sharpen your skills in campus for professional shots!


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