Mythbusters: 3 Photography Degree Myths Exposed

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If you have been researching about earning your photography degree it’s likely that you have come across numerous articles proclaiming a photography degree is a waste of your time and money. While these sites are in abundance, the reality is sure to shock you. Here is the truth behind three common misconceptions about earning your photography degree: 

1.      You can find a job just as easily without a photography degree: FALSE. It’s plain and simple. Potential employers want to see that you’ve attended a program and earned your degree. Why? Because they have the pick of the litter and for every person without a degree there are five who have theirs. In the case of two equally qualified applicants, one with a degree and the other without one, an employer is going to pick the person with the degree, especially in today’s competitive job market.  So why put yourself at a disadvantage? Earning your degree gives you a leg up against others who erroneously believe it’s ok to forgo their photography degree.

2.      I can get feedback just as frequently if I learn photography on my own: FALSE. Photography classes are specifically catered and customized to allow you to pose questions and receive feedback from your professor and fellow classmates on a regular and frequent basis. Not only will this quickly help you develop sharper photography skills, but you can still receive additional feedback from the web and various other avenues.

3.      I can learn just as fast if I teach myself: FALSE. Professors design students formal assignments so that they can quickly learn the techniques of shooting, editing, printing, and displaying their work.  The Professor is experienced in photography and knows how to compact an extensive amount of material into a short amount of time. You don’t have to wait years to be able to learn all of the techniques that will make you a great photographer; instead you can find classes that cater to your specific needs and your busy life while allowing you to pursue your dream of becoming a photographer.

Despite many advocates who claim photography degrees are not necessary to gain employment as a photographer, the reality is that hundreds of students are currently earning their photography degrees and will be competing against those without them for the same dream jobs in the photography field. So, what are you waiting for? Increase your chances of gaining employment in the photography industry by making the wise decision to earn your photography degree.

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