Mythbusters: Photography Degree & Future Employment

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With the rising cost of tuition, it’s easy to second guess whether investing in your education is the right option for you. However, according to a recent study, degree holders still fare much better than their non-degree holding counterparts. Have you been entertaining the idea of earning your photography degree, but been bombarded by pessimistic friends, family, and articles on Google telling you that you don’t need to earn a degree in order to find a job as a photographer? With all of the uncertainty about the worth of a college degree floating around the internet, it’s easy to believe that earning your degree offers little incentive when it comes to gaining future employment and advancing your career. Luckily, you’ve stumbled upon this article that will help you understand why the common myth that a photography degree is unnecessary is putting hundreds of aspiring photographers like yourself at a serious disadvantage. Here’s the truth about a photography degree and future employment:

You will build connections. Earning your degree directly exposes you to people in your career field and helps you build valuable connections in the photography world. Chances are your professor and fellow classmates surround themselves with others who are part of the photography industry and have additional connections. This widens the pool of indispensable “ins” for you as a photographer because 60%-80% of jobs stem from personal connections. Most professors and universities have invaluable access to professionals in your dream career field who work for some of the best firms in the industry.  These connections can be instrumental in helping you land your dream internship or full-time job once you graduate. Additionally, establishing and building connections early on in your career will make it much easier for you to gain full-time employment. A photography degree program is just the place to develop these crucial connections that can lead to otherwise inaccessible opportunities!

A degree gives you credibility. With a degree, employers who otherwise might overlook your lack of experience will give you a chance. Your degree serves a testament to your hard work and exposure to important parts of photography. This can be essential to an employer’s decision to hire you, even if your portfolio is not extraordinary, because your degree serves as proof that you have gained the knowledge needed to assume the jobs responsibilities.

Although you may be considering forgoing earning your photography degree, in the long run you will find your degree to be an invaluable asset for your career. The number of job applicants with college degrees continues to grow every year, putting those who lack a degree at a significant disadvantage. Take control of your future and find out more about how earning your photography degree is a great option for future employment in the photography industry!

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