Photography Jobs

Photography Jobs

Photography is a hobby for many people, and for some, it can become a lifelong career. Photography jobs are most common in media companies, advertising companies, marketing companies, printing companies, clothing companies, weddings, and events.

A photographer’s salary depends on one’s experience and the industry they are in.  According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median photography salary is about $30,000 annually.* In general, photography jobs require dedication, passion, and in-depth knowledge about the subject.

There are many different kinds of jobs in the photography industry. Here is a brief overview of the kinds of industries and companies that typically employ photographers:

Newspaper Companies

Newspaper companies use printed publications to deliver news, articles, and advertisements. There are usually photos that accompany the headlines throughout a newspaper, and this is where the photographers come in.  There is a need for photographers to take pictures that will be relevant to the news or article.

TV Channels

Television news channels like BBC use photographs to help carry the news story. These media companies may have photographers who work for them full time, part time, or free-lanced.  In addition to news channels, science channels such as National Geographic and Discovery also require photographers to provide pictures in order o carry out the informational topic presented.

Advertising & Marketing Companies

Advertising companies use many different kinds of photographs on a daily basis. Depending on the type of advertisement they must create for a client, they may need a model shot, landscape shot, or macro shot. These photos are intended to promote a certain vibe, meaning, or point of view for the brand.


Similar to newspapers, magazines also have the need to employ photographers. Depending on the type of magazine, a certain genre of photography may be desired for the publication. For example, magazines about wildlife and nature would most likely need a wildlife photographer. A fashion magazine would typically require a fashion photographer, and so on.


Many fashion brands around the world use photography featuring models and/or products to showcase their branding and clothing to their customers. An example of a brand who’s ad campaigns are on the cutting edge is GUESS Inc. One of their most successful campaigns was shot by Los Angeles fashion photographer Shaun Alexander.


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