Photojournalism Degree

photojournalism degree

Is your passion telling true life stories through photographs? If so, you may very well be interested in photojournalism as a career path. A photojournalism degree can allow students to advance their career, learn more tricks of the trade, and get a job in photojournalism where they may cover news, sports, human interest pieces, and can probably expect to travel quite a bit. But what are some things you should know before enrolling in a photojournalism degree program?

What to Expect

Photojournalism degree programs range from associate degrees to graduate degrees.* Although you may pursue an actual photojournalism degree, it is much more typical for students who are interested to pursue a program like journalism, communication, art, or photography. The curriculum for all of these programs and degrees differ widely. You can expect to have to take journalism classes, art and art history classes, photography classes, and more, on top of your general education requirements. Again, all of these things may vary not just form program to program, but also from institution to institution.

Photojournalism Degree Programs

There are not just different levels to choose from (depending upon your past education), but also different types of programs to choose from when getting a photojournalism degree. Most of these degrees are very comprehensive and hands-on.* This may mean that, for many, the best option would be to get a degree like this by actually going to a program located on a college campus. However, others may be able to find online educational programs that can help to hone their skills, or to break into this sort of market. Remember that not all programs are created equal.

Do Your Research First

Some argue that having a photojournalism degree is not really needed to enter the field of photojournalism.* Despite that, there is no doubt that earning such a degree can expand your horizons when it comes to pursuing future degrees, learning new techniques and technologies, building a professional network, and much more. Be sure to think about how much money a degree like this might cost you, and how much you can possibly earn from such careers. Be sure to do your research about any and all programs that you are considering, the schools they are housed at, and what the overall cost to you will be.


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