The First Digital Camera

first digital camera

The innovation that changed it all was back in 1975 when Steve Sasson had an idea that changed the way people saw the world forever. Then he was given an assignment to create a new camera to be used in conjunction with a then very unstable CCD. A CCD is Charge-Coupled Device that can take a charge and convert it to its digital equivalent. The camera took almost a full year to develop and all started with a simple piece of white paper, and the thoughts in Steve’s Mind.

The first “Portable” camera weighed a very heavy eight pounds, and the picture took a length 23 minutes to process. They were then converted and viewed digitally through a television set. The first pictures were .01 megapixels and available only in black and white. It was thirteen years before the first “true” digital camera was unveiled at the Photkina  trade show in 1988, this was the Fuji Fujix Ds 1-p and was a 400,000 pixel camera that offered the first removable SRAM card for storage developed by Toshiba.

Both of these cameras changed the world of photography as we know it. The digital camera has come a long way in its relatively short (almost 40 years) life. Kodak has had a hand in nearly all of the success of the digital camera, and really made the piece of technology what it is today. Kodak worked in collaboration with many of the other big name companies in one of the most aggressive marketing campaigns the world has ever seen to promote the digital camera and make it staple in countless homes across the globe.

Together with other brands like Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Hewlett Packard, Casio, Sony, and Kinkos, thousands of variations of the digital camera where made. They also created an insurmountable list of accessories, applications, and other software that has made the digital camera one of the most widely used pieces of technology the world has ever seen. The digital camera can now be found on everything from computers to laptops, phones, and even cars, as well as list of devices that are used in every situation and circumstance that you can imagine throughout the world and beyond.

All in all, the digital camera has come far from its first days in which portable may have been a term which was used in a somewhat careless way. You can count that the life of the digital camera is still essentially in its infancy, and we will be seeing unbelievable changed and advancements in the years to come.


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