The Greatest Photo Galleries

greatest photo galleries

Art galleries are an important factor in our society. Whether we know it or not, art galleries possess information about our history as a society. The artifacts, images, paintings or historical writings, depict a certain time in our history. Art galleries act as a time capsule full of individual pieces of our human existence.*

Photography galleries are no different. They have captured images of a time frame in our history that played a part of who and what we are today. Many photographs bring back nostalgia of that moment (for those who lived through it), feelings of that time and a record of what was occurring during that period. Photography galleries work in a hierarchy system, where certain galleries will carry certain images. You have some photography galleries that have (to name but a few):

  • Pop culture, photographs and images
  • Political and patriotic images
  • Archaeological photographs
  • Film photography
  • Art and lithographed images

Some photography galleries can have some of these classifications or all of them. They are usually grouped together according to imagery, style and subject matter. Some galleries, arrange these photographs in a chronological manner from the viewer to understand what was happening during that time frame. Usually a brief history of photography at that time frame is mentioned along with the role and importance of the particular image in society is portrayed. The idea behind the chronological time line is to help the viewer visualize the era in which the image was taken.

Here is a list of some prestigious galleries that have exhibited amazing and historical photography or photo works:

  1. Wolfgang Roth and Partners Fine Art Gallery

This internationally recognized gallery is located in Miami, Florida. The Wolfgang Roth and Partners Fine Art Gallery is the founder of , which is a publicly traded investment fund used in the art industry. This investment fund is the only of its kind in the world. Wolfgang Roth and partners Fine Art Gallery has housed many of the world renowned artists like Andy Warhol and Julian Schnabel. The gallery offers one of the best high quality works in photography, paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures.*

  1. Cavalier Galleries

This gallery was founded in Greenwich, Connecticut 34 years ago. The Cavalier Gallery’s founder was responsible for restoring the sculpture that was at the Hirshhorn estate before it was delivered to the Smithsonian Institution’s brand new art museum. Cavalier Gallery has a world class reputation built by many two decades of international collaboration with the world’s greatest artist, sculptures and photographers. Cavalier Galleries host permanent collections that will rival major museums in Europe, Asia as well as the United States.*

  1. Taka Ishii Gallery

The Taka Ishii Gallery houses some of the most pioneering photography by Japanese photographers. This gallery does exhibit other types of work in different types of media as well. This gallery boasts cutting edge photography that has landed it residency at many prestigious international art fairs.


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