The Photography Industry


Are you interested in photography? Then you might want to consider taking up a career in photography. Careers in photography are not limited to a studio environment, but also crosses through different industries, settings, and environment. Read on to find out what career in photography may be appealing to you.


“A picture is worth a thousand words.” In a nutshell, that is what a photojournalist does. They create images that tell a story. They give a visual context to events and published records, combining news elements and facts that are relatable at a cultural level*.

Ever wondered how banner photos make it to the front page of newspapers and magazines? With the help of photojournalists, print media and new media organizations get the first hand access of the latest events across the world. Just like normal reporters or journalists, photojournalists also have a mission to be the first to snap the best photos of issues in a community or scene. Photojournalists also help document history and serve as an eye opener to the citizens. If you are starting a career in photojournalism, you might want to sign up as a photojournalist with your community or campus paper for great training and practice.

Fashion Photography

If you are into fashion, then fashion photography may be for you. With the changing trends in the fashion industry, capturing and disseminating them can be done with the help of a fashion photographer. Be a leader in fashion pictorials, runway events, and product launches. Work with fellow members of the fashion industry, models, and celebrities who all share the same love for fashion.

Fashion photographers don’t just take pictures of clothes and models. They create a story through their photos to give each person viewing them an interesting experience. They may work in studios or on location to produce eye-catching images, hoping consumers will want to purchase the products in the photos*.

Wedding Photographer

Capture some of the best moments in life—weddings. Wedding photographers are in trend and build up over time of practice and establishing a credible portfolio and network. Photographers work hand in hand with wedding planners, organizers, and events specialists that cater to weddings. Wedding photographers may find a job from referrals and good word of mouth. If you are  a beginner in the world of wedding photography, it is advised to create a presentable portfolio of your works. You can start small, such as a family member’s wedding, to gain experience and to present your work to others.

Director of Photography

If you have years of photography experience, being a director of photography may be rewarding. They give creative inputs in product meetings and conceptualizations, lead photo shoots and help in the proper execution of the photo shoot that meets the client’s target. Photography consultants have the potential to be paid very well and do less physical work than a normal photographer in the field. Get the best practice and work with the developing technology in order to be ready for a career in the directors’ chair.

It is said that a director of photography has a trained eye and the experience to lead those working for him or her. They are the ones who are usually calling the shots, using their experience and artistic abilities to get the perfect shot. They are charged with supervising as well as making sure the photos come out the way they are intended to.

Forensic Photographer

Capturing evidence in crime scenes is a huge step in solving cases and preparing court work for the victims and the accused. Being a forensic photographer requires attention to detail and an open mind for scenes and sensitive events. A forensic photographer must capture the whole crime scene and also the small details that may help solve the case. The photographer will work with a team of forensic experts, government authorities, police, and investigation units.


There are several careers in photography that may suit your personal taste. Whether you want to be capturing the latest fashion trends or shooting beautiful beach weddings in the Bahamas. Whatever career you intend to pursue in photography all you may need is the right skill set, education, knowledge, practice, and experience.


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