Wedding Photography Tips for Beginners


Wedding Photography is a wonderful career choice for photography students.  It combines aspect s of portraiture, documentary and fashion photography to create capture the unforgettable moments of the beginning of a couples lives together as husband and wife.  If you’ve been lucky enough to be asked by trusted friends to photograph their wedding, or if you’re interested in starting a wedding photography business someday, here are some wedding photography tips  to get you started:

1.  Know Your Gear.

Having a professional understanding of your gear not only helps you in executing professional grade pictures, it also markets your skills as such.  Majoring in Fine Arts or Photography is the best way to have a thorough understanding of your gear.  In addition, do the research!  Read all manuals for lenses, cameras and filters.

2.  Be Prepared.

Make yourself a shot list.  Scout the location of the ceremony and the reception before the wedding.  Go the rehearsal, if possible, so you have an idea of lighting and space and therefore a better plan of the equipment you’ll need.  Show up early, well rested and well dressed.   Be prepared to work long hours.   Just as the bride and groom are committing to each other, so you must commit your time to accurately cover their big day. Make a backup plan, have extra batteries, memory cards and be sure to get an itinerary for the day.

3.  Set Clear Expectations.

Even if you were approached by the matron of honor, the groom or the best man, ultimately you’re working to please the Bride. Discuss and set clear expectations with the wedding couple.   Bring your unique creative voice to the set, and be sure to show your style while still listening and following through with the couples’ request.

4.  Become a Wedding Photographer’s Assistant.

This is a great way to gain experience in the business of photography.  Ideally you need two cameras for a wedding photography shoot anyway, so way to kill two birds with one stone.  Be sure to discuss your role with the photographer, including attire.  Be careful with the jobs handed out to you, which may be carrying equipment, directing the wedding party for a photo or retrieving a drink for the photographer.

5.  Be Engaged and Enjoy Every Minute of It.

You want to do your best on one of the most memorable day of the couple’s life together.  Photograph the small details (like table centerpieces, place settings, etc.) as well as the big moments.  Do not “chimp” our photos and certainly do not delete any “mistakes”.  Go light on the refreshments and heavy on the flash.  Remember to shoot in RAW for better editing in post.

6.  Deliver!

Once the big day is done and you’re back home, be sure to back up those photo files, n CD and hard drive just to be sure.  Be sure to deliver the photos on the promised day.  Now you’re one step closer to being a professional!

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