Photography Careers

How to Become a Portrait Photographer


Since the early times, people have been fascinated with the beauty of the human face; its features and the emotion it displays through expressions. Different artists from various eras had also used different methods to portray the human face for different purposes. Paintings and sculptures are used as means of displaying a human face until the first decade of the 19th century when camera was invented, which takes images in a more accurate and detailed perspective*. Since then, people started to use cameras to capture facial expressions and emotions, which is then considered portrait photography.

How to Become a Commercial Photographer


Have you always wanted to have a professional photographer job? It sounds so glamorous. It doesn’t have to be so hard to break into the field, however. One of the easier and more profitable ways to make a living as a professional photographer is to get into commercial photography.

Why Earn A Photography Degree?

What Can I Do With A Photography Degree?

Are you interested in pursuing a career in photography?   You may want to go to school and earn your degree before seeking out a job.   A degree in photography can be considered to be the stepping stone on your career path.  There are many different potential career opportunities for those who have earned their photography degree.

Photography Jobs

Photography Jobs

Photography is a hobby for many people, and for some, it can become a lifelong career. Photography jobs are most common in media companies, advertising companies, marketing companies, printing companies, clothing companies, weddings, and events.

How to Become a Landscape Photographer

Landscape Photography

Have you ever passed a beautiful road or seen a breathtaking seascape? To capture these different spaces in the world is landscape photography. It is a genre of photography in which people capture nature or beautiful landscapes from a particular angle or vision for astonishing results. Landscapes have always been an attractive object of photography. Everyone can produce a different photo result of the same landscape object; there is no single definition. A landscape photographer needs to have great creative vision and personal interpretation.

Top 10 Types of Photography – What Type of Photographer Are You?

Top 10 Types of Photography

A picture speaks a thousand words. What one can’t express with words can be represented by means of art. Photography is one such art. But ‘photography’ isn’t just a single genre. There are different types of photography that utilize various equipment, techniques and environment. What type of photographer are you?

How to Become a Photojournalist


Do you see yourself as a photographer and storyteller? Then a career as a photojournalist may be right for you. Photojournalism is presenting a story through photographs. This profession incorporates expert knowledge on photography techniques, the instinct to capture newsworthy moments and the ability to work in different settings.

Sports Photography Tips & Tricks

Sports Photography

Sports photography is a career that’s both challenging and exciting. It’s all about capturing moments in all types of sports. In sports photography, the subject is often moving quickly. To be a sports photographer, there are so many different elements to consider. Without the right equipment, settings, preparation, and skill, all the action you’re trying to capture may pass on by. Here are some photography tips, tricks, and techniques that may help you become a reliable sports photographer or photojournalist.

How to Become an Architecture Photographer?

Architecture Photography

Architecture photography, the photography of structures and buildings, is known to be both creative and profitable in the world of professional photography.* What makes this type of photography fascinating is the are various types of architecture that can be captured, including lampposts, towers, windmills, monuments, bridges, and so much more. The opportunities are endless.

How to Become a Food Photography

Food Photography

What is a  Food Photographer?

Food photography, as the name suggests, is a career in photography with a focus on food. A successful career in food photography can be great for a person with talent in taking photos and an interest in food.