“Life” Contest Winner! -Shiv Kumar G

Shiv Kumar G- Life Photo Contest Winner

Our second Facebook-driven photo contest was a total success. We were excited to see what you could do with the simple prompt of “life,” and you did not disappoint. We got a huge selection of awesome shots of everything from flowers to sunsets to seasons, and Shiv Kumar G came out on top. We’ve put together a selection of his work for you to check out here, which clearly show his unique style and range of subjects. Up first, the winning photo.

Surreal Photography

surreal photography

Surreal photography is a growing genre in the field of art photography. The goal of surreal photography is either to show a situation or image that would be impossible in reality, or to present an alternate reality that illustrates impossible scenarios.  The surreal photography artist uses the photograph as a way to present images and thoughts that could otherwise only exist in the mind. The world of surreal photography doesn’t follow rules. Photos that can be classified as surreal photography can have some digital editing,

How to Create Your Own Studio Space

home photography studio

Studio space and a time-slot to shoot can be expensive. However, many people shell over the money because they can’t think of an alternative. A professional studio space after all has expensive equipment, special lighting, and the right backdrops. Surely it would cost too much money to make your own?

Though making a professional studio space may be expensive, it is perfectly reasonable and possible to make a low cost, home-made photography studio that can do everything you need.

5 Basic Skills for Photographers Today

5 Basic Photography Skills

The basics of photography have not changed much since the beginning– the main objective is still to work with light, composition, and subjects to create the best photos. Here are some basic skills a photographer today should know about

1 Long Exposure Photography

This technique can produce dramatic effects but is usually used for shooting in low light or for capturing a motion blur.

Where can I get my Camera Repaired?

camera repair


Having your camera broken can be a stressful thing and can cause anxiety just thinking about the costs. Depending on the problem, some cameras – digital or film cameras can be used without seeking out camera repair. If your camera is digital and has a lens issue or an operational issue that prevents you from using the camera for its intended purpose, you may need to consider the following:

The Fisheye Lens

fisheye lens

The fisheye lens has been in use for years. Not too long ago, it was the go to choice for advertisements, CD covers, and various other methods of marketing (gotta love the 90’s). It was attractive and different, and it provided a unique view of the image. What makes this type of lens truly incredibly is that it has many more uses. It is far from simple and straightforward, and it can produce some phenomenal photographs. Photographers continue to take advantage of it and have fun with it because of the many unique possibilities it offers. Any photographer is going to enjoy playing with the many opportunities that you have with this lens.

Architectural Photography Tips and Tricks

architectural photography

There are many beautiful buildings in different areas across the globe. As an architectural photographer, your job is to capture the intricate design of each structure using the right camera settings and lighting. You need to know how to get the right shot so that you can produce photographs that will create the same sense of awe that these structures have in real life. There are many photography tips geared specifically toward architectural photography that you can use when you are getting ready to snap photographs.

Beginner Photography: the F-Stop


If you have just purchased a new camera, or perhaps received one as a gift, you may feel overwhelmed with all of the dials, numbers, controls and functions. You may feel that it is best to just set the camera on auto and let it take a picture for you. This will still provide you with an excellent picture, but sooner or later you are going to want to start using some of the advanced functions to take your skills to the next level. Many of these functions will give you a great deal more creative control over the quality of your pictures.

Outstanding Landscape Photography Award Recipients


In February of this year, Photography Colleges hosted its first ever Landscape Photography Contest, held entirely on Facebook () and open to the public. This award celebrates excellence in landscape photography and is judged on composition, technical quality and artistic merit.

Photography Tips and Tricks: Action Sports

action sports photography

Photography tips can help turn a beginner into a budding pro by laying groundwork from which individual skills and style can be developed. Whether it be by taking in depth seminars on the subject your are shooting, or attending workshops designed to specifically focus on camera mechanics and shooting tricks, involving yourself in the learning process will help you to get in the mindset of a photographer.