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Online Photography Schools vs Campus

In the past, it has been very difficult and time consuming for working professionals to attend college classes and earn their degrees to compete with the fresh batch of college graduates. This is even truer in the world of photography. Whether it is online photography schools or the on-campus programs, there are options available for […]

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Famous Photographer Influences

Photography has been used by many people for quite some time to capture memorable moments or images. Professional photographers may take portraits for a portrait studio, the news media, magazines and much more. The following successful photographers have established a unique and positive reputation for themselves, and thus a long and lucrative career.


Photography Degree Benefits

Most photography requires a creative mind and the right moment. Photographers capture the beauty that the world has to offer and remind us why life is worth living. A photography degree can help both young and old photographers who want to advance themselves in their careers. A degree will help one specialize in certain fields […]

Featured Articles

“Life” Contest Winner! -Shiv Kumar G

Shiv Kumar G- Life Photo Contest Winner

Our second Facebook-driven photo contest was a total success. We were excited to see what you could do with the simple prompt of “life,” and you did not disappoint. We got a huge selection of awesome shots of everything from flowers to sunsets to seasons, and Shiv Kumar G came out on top. We’ve put together a selection of his work for you to check out here, which clearly show his unique style and range of subjects. Up first, the winning photo.

Surreal Photography

surreal photography

Surreal photography is a growing genre in the field of art photography. The goal of surreal photography is either to show a situation or image that would be impossible in reality, or to present an alternate reality that illustrates impossible scenarios.  The surreal photography artist uses the photograph as a way to present images and thoughts that could otherwise only exist in the mind. The world of surreal photography doesn’t follow rules. Photos that can be classified as surreal photography can have some digital editing,

How to Create Your Own Studio Space

home photography studio

Studio space and a time-slot to shoot can be expensive. However, many people shell over the money because they can’t think of an alternative. A professional studio space after all has expensive equipment, special lighting, and the right backdrops. Surely it would cost too much money to make your own?

Though making a professional studio space may be expensive, it is perfectly reasonable and possible to make a low cost, home-made photography studio that can do everything you need.

How to Become a Staff Photographer

staff photographer

Ask any shutterbug around and most of them will tell you that becoming a professional photographer is their lifelong dream. If you are looking for information about how to plan your dream job as a staff photographer, then you definitely want to read this entire article.

5 Basic Skills for Photographers Today

5 Basic Photography Skills

The basics of photography have not changed much since the beginning– the main objective is still to work with light, composition, and subjects to create the best photos. Here are some basic skills a photographer today should know about

1 Long Exposure Photography

This technique can produce dramatic effects but is usually used for shooting in low light or for capturing a motion blur.

Famous Cityscape Photograph Locations


Cityscape photography focuses on the most beautiful parts of a city and can highlights the beauty to be found even in dilapidated and run-down areas. The beauty that can be found in cityscape photographs can easily help one to feel better about the city that they live in, while simultaneously providing beautiful pictures to anyone else who may wish to view the city. This article will cover some of the most famous cityscape photograph locations in the world today.

How to Become a Freelance Photographer

freelance photographer

If you’re interested in becoming a freelance photographer there are a few steps that you can take to get started and to ensure your success. Here is a basic overview of how you can get started with a career as a freelance photographer.

  1. 1.       Get the Equipment

A basic digital camera is not going to be good enough for a freelance photographer, even if you’ve been able to get amazing photos of your own. You need a professional grade camera, and it probably will not be cheap.

Where can I get my Camera Repaired?

camera repair


Having your camera broken can be a stressful thing and can cause anxiety just thinking about the costs. Depending on the problem, some cameras – digital or film cameras can be used without seeking out camera repair. If your camera is digital and has a lens issue or an operational issue that prevents you from using the camera for its intended purpose, you may need to consider the following:

National Geographic and Photography

national geographic

National Geographic is known for its breathtaking photos taken around the world. Photos often feature specific tribes, various ethnic groups, landmarks, as well as flora and fauna. The photography featured in National Geographic has been so groundbreaking that they have actually influenced photography as a craft. Not only that, but their publications and contests continue to influence and inspire photographers.

The Fisheye Lens

fisheye lens

The fisheye lens has been in use for years. Not too long ago, it was the go to choice for advertisements, CD covers, and various other methods of marketing (gotta love the 90’s). It was attractive and different, and it provided a unique view of the image. What makes this type of lens truly incredibly is that it has many more uses. It is far from simple and straightforward, and it can produce some phenomenal photographs. Photographers continue to take advantage of it and have fun with it because of the many unique possibilities it offers. Any photographer is going to enjoy playing with the many opportunities that you have with this lens.

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Links to Additional Photography Information

Here are some helpful links to additional photography information:

  1. Ken Schory is a landscape and architectural photographer with a wealth of experience in industrial design. He uses his power of vision and different photographic techniques to compose images that tell stories. Through countless hours planning, refining and processing images, he strives to share his experiences in nature with his viewers.