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Amateur photography is wildly popular.  There are more editing and free publishing options for photographers than ever, but there are negatives too.  Social media/networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr are not only a means of communication between friends and family anymore. Each of these sites have also become hubs for images that have been shot, edited, and uploaded by its users. With the rise of social media/networking, we also see a rise in amateur photography. For photography degree students, this provides both a huge opportunity but also brings the possibility of harm.

The benefits of having open platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr are obvious. With each website boasting active user numbers in the millions, a photographer who posts their work onto these sites has a wide audience. There are pages and accounts on each site dedicated to photography and photography degree students can gather to share their work and images.

Facebook the image editing service Instagram as well, which allows even the adept cell-phone photographer to look professional. Skilled photography students can upload their images and gain a following with their work on those three sites alone, utilizing services like Instagram to push their work even further.

But with every bit of good news comes some bad as well. Those looking for a photography degree might find some good on websites like these, but they better be ready to work.

For every member of the aforementioned “wide audience” a photographer might have, they have another five photographers fighting for their attention as well. These sites and services provide simply too much competition. Photographers who may spend hours upon hours to get the perfect shot and then even more time to edit that shot may get overlooked by someone who snapped a photo using their camera phone. People with a decently powered smart-phone are able to take high-quality photos that can be edited and uploaded on the device altogether.

It is because of these services that every day, there are more people calling themselves photographers than ever before.

But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

With the conjunction of these sites and services and the evolving technology of photography, there are simply more options for new photographers (like someone looking into a degree in photography). There are more groups of photographers who can learn from one another, there are new ways for people to share their images and students can become overnight sensations with a simple snapshot.

When you consider that nowadays there are even adapters that allow you to place , the possibilities for the future of photography are endless. With a photography degree, you can place yourself right in the middle of this evolving field of endless social and artistic possibility.

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