10 Great Photography Jobs


Photography was earlier considered as a hobby but was never considered as a career but nowadays Photography is a known and reputed career. When it comes to Photography, the first job which comes to mind is shooting supermodels, but there is a lot more to add to the list. Photographers are needed in many different industries around the world. Here are just a few of the several photography jobs that may be available.

The 10 Great Photography Jobs offer are*:

1. Wedding Photographer- It is a great job because a lot of marriages happen in any given year and the best part is that everyone is dressed up on a wedding. So they love to get photographed. Rates vary depending on experience, location and clients. Wedding photographers work on location and are typically self-employed[1]. They take pictures, before, during, and after the wedding, making sure to capture the whole day’s events to be treasured for a lifetime.

2. Portrait Photographer- This job requires the Photographer to be detail-oriented while clicking the photos. A portrait Photographer may do solo, couple or family portraits depending on the requirements given. Most work is done in a studio typically, and photographers must be able to organize appointments, client records, and set up equipment[2].

3. Scientific Photographer- The work of scientific Photographer is to take pictures of scientific subjects or medical phenomena. It may require knowledge of photography and interest in science. These professionals may work in several different industries and environments. Careful planning may be involved to make sure they get the correct shot and just the right time[3]. Scientific photographers may have to work odd hours and travel in order to get the photos they need.

4. Fine arts Photographer- Have you seen pictures decorated on the walls of galleries and museums? This work is done by fine arts Photographer which are creative and innovative. They aim to evoke certain moods and emotions through their work, as well as work with different clients to ensure they are producing the right work[4].

5. Industrial Photographer- The job of an industrial photographer, or also known as a commercial photographer, is to capture pictures of subjects like buildings, merchandise, artifacts, etc. These pictures are used for promotions, catalogues, ads and other media.

6. Freelance Photographers- Freelance photographers take up different jobs as per the requirement and interest. He can bid for various projects and can choose his own line. These professionals may decide on a certain type of photography they are best at, or they may work in several different mediums, using their talents in different ways.

7. Forensic Photographer- Police need photographs of crime scenes or their events and these pictures are needed for future reference. This job may require you at any time of the day. These photographers may need to be knowledgeable of different types of photography, like infrared and ultraviolet, as they may be shooting in the dark in order to obtain evidence[5].

8. School Photographer- A school photographer shoots portraits but specifically for school children. They have to do their best to get the students to smile and participate in order to get a good picture for the yearbook or family’s collection.

9. Sports Photographer- It has the potential to be a very high paying job if you know the right angle and you find the right moment to take the picture. Sports lovers, magazines, newspapers, etc. love to buy such pictures, so getting the shot at the right moment, sometimes in just the blink of an eye, is crucial for these professionals.

10. Photojournalist- This is one of the oldest professions in photography industry. The job of a photo journalist is to take photographs for newspapers and magazines. These photographs are bought by newspapers and pictures involve crime scenes, interviews, close up shots, etc.

All these professions revolve around one thing, and that is efficient and proficient use of a camera. If you have the talent and an eye for good photography, a career within the field in one of these ten jobs, or in several others, may be a good fit for you. You may want to do the research, find out what the requirements are to become a photographer, and go after your dreams of becoming a professional photographer.


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