3 Reasons You Should Choose an Online Photography School

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So you’ve decided to pursue a degree in photography.  That’s great! But you may be wondering how you can fit going back to school into your busy schedule.  Studying photography means making time to snap photos, experimenting with editing and printing techniques.  If you have a full-time job and a home to manage, making time to travel to campus and sit through a lecture might seem downright impossible.  Not to worry.  Going to an online photography school might be the easiest, least expensive and most rewarding choice for your college career.  Here’s why:

1.  Guaranteed Acceptance

Consider you choose a traditional brick and mortar institution.  There are test scores to submit; grade point and transfer requirements to meet.  If you haven’t been to back to school in a while, this also means fulfilling time consuming general education courses that might not interest you in the slightest.  Once you enroll into an online program, the courses you take are specifically catered to photography so you get the skills that you need as quickly as possible.

2.  Affordability

Photography can be an expensive occupation.  There’s all kind of equipment to buy, from manual SLR to digital cameras, photo paper, editing software, dark room supplies, filters, lens.  All these things add up to a hefty ding in your wallet.  In comparison to on-campus photography, an online photography school will have a higher graduation rate for about half the cost of going to a college with a physical campus.  Many online programs have wonderful networking and hiring opportunities with established companies.

3.  Flexibility

Probably the greatest thing about going to school online is the fact that you can attend to your studies at the times that work best for you.  No rushing to get to class on time, fighting for parking in an overcrowded parking lot, or paying crazy parking permit fees only to sit in an packed classroom.  All you have to do is go home, sit down, log on and get started.

Now’s as good a time as any to discover the online program that works best for you.  The is a great place to start, they have online options and psychical campuses all over the country- just in case you decide you would occasionally like to learn in a classroom environment.  The is another great option to explore, with fully online Bachelors and Masters Programs available.

Get information on photography degrees by using the form on this page.  School representatives will guide you through the process and answer an questions you might have.

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