Best Photography Schools in New York


Experience in photography is a good quality in becoming a professional photographer. However, taking the game to the next level requires taking classes. If you’re in the Empire State, you can find a number of New York photography schools where you can study photography in depth.

Gaining utmost competitiveness in photography is possible if you’re trained in the best photography schools. The following are some of the top schools in New York where you can sign up and start learning about photography as an art.

School of Visual Arts*

Established in 1947, School of Visual Arts (SVA) started as a Cartoonists and Illustrators School. Less than a decade later, the school was named the School of Visual Arts, and then finally gained its permanent address in 1960. Seven years after, SVA opened its photography studios, a place designated for photography. It was then renovated after more than two decades to match the changing demands in the photography world like digital imaging technologies, other studios, and printing sites. The school offers undergraduate, continuing, graduate and special photography courses.

Rochester Institute of Technology**

Established in 1829, Rochester Institute of Technology aims to encourage a superb learning environment by offering necessary facilities and other educational resources. The school has undergraduate programs in the arts that concentrate in photography and other visual arts field. Photo imaging paired with other related courses is a beneficial solution for photographers wanting to challenge themselves in other fields simultaneously.

International Center of Photography***

The International Center of Photography (ICP) is one of the best New York photography schools that really prepare future photographers in the field. It concentrates on photography and boasts facilities like studios and learning resources that help to try and make this goal materialize for their students. Programs range from full time, continuing education, and other special courses that focus on photography like general studies or specializations concentrating on images.

Briarcliffe College****

Founded in 1966, Briarcliffe College is a smaller college that extends a wide array of courses, particularly focusing in preparing students for the business industry. The college does not have any photography only course, but it does have the Bachelor of Fine Arts Graphic Design courses that also include required photography classes. Designing is at its core the business aspect of photography since a professional can work in advertising fields.

New York Institute of Photography*****

The New York Institute of Photography (NYIP) is perhaps the oldest photography-centered school in the state. Its history traces its roots back when Emile Brunel, a French immigrant, established the school as a vocational school. Currently, NYIP has several photography courses like Professional Photography, Photoshop for Photographers, Video Making and Storytelling, Marketing, and Fundamentals of Digital Photography. Taking these courses will be beneficial for amateurs wishing to become professional photographers.

Being a student in one of these top New York photography schools will be beneficial for you if you’re planning to be a professional in the field. The good thing about these schools is they entertain online application and have their information posted on their pages for students’ information. Look for their details and apply to the best schools that meet your needs.


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