Best Photography Schools in Washington

best photography schools in Washington

Photography is more than just a hobby for some individuals as many of them strive to become professionals by taking photography courses. These courses teach vital techniques and knowledge that give their students an edge in the field. Washington State is a great place to learn photography as there is an abundance of schools that will train you in photographic arts.

The following are some of the top photography schools in Washington to choose from. Consider their courses and their profiles to make sure you’ll sign up with the right school.

Seattle University*

Established in 1891, Seattle University was founded as a Jesuit Catholic school offering different courses and included a highly esteemed law school. Throughout the years, the university started to open new courses, including a photography program. Also known as a BFA course, this program introduces strong foundation in various techniques used in photography. This program is offered together with the Photographic Center Northwest, a community arts center that works without profit in promoting workshops for enthusiasts.

Bellevue College**

Located near Seattle, Bellevue College is one of the known colleges in the state. It has photography classes although they are not Bachelors’ degrees. Courses focus in improving your photographic technique according to your level. Aside from techniques, several courses are also meant for teaching about cameras and their offered effects settings. This school is also known for offering the most affordable photography classes in the state.

The Art Institute of Seattle***

Among all Washington photography schools, this establishment is the perhaps one of the only facilities in the state with a dedicated focus on the arts. The Art Institute of Seattle concentrates in enhancing people’s skills in getting an edge in creative professions like photography and other fields in the arts. It offers courses like Bachelor of Fine Arts and Associate of Applied arts in Photography. Aside from photography courses, the school also offers other art courses like Game Art & Design, Video Production, Web Design, and many more. This school allows you to choose the expertise you want to focus on and work to become a pro at it.

University of Washington: Seattle Campus****

After its founding in 1861, the Seattle Campus of the University of Washington has become one of the highest esteemed academic facilities in the state. It offers a wide array of courses including the arts. Its Arts Department has Photomedia courses for undergraduates and graduates. They discuss photography and other techniques required in creating contemporary art.

Spokane Falls Community College*****

The Spokane Falls Community College is among the best educational facilities serving the community. Together with Bellevue College, this college offers among the cheapest tuition fees in photography programs that can be completed within two years. With photography as the foundation, students can explore different fields such as photojournalism, commercial illustration, and others. The program starts with introduction to lighting and composition fundamentals and then continues on to artistic designing.

If you’re looking for the top Washington photography schools, you’ll find that this state has the right educational facilities and courses that suit your need. Equip yourself with the right information to have an edge in the field and you will be all the more prepared for your journey towards becoming a professional photographer.


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