Different Types of Professional Cameras

Different Types of Professional Cameras

Professional cameras are used for capturing photos in a perfect, unique manner. They are available in different forms and they have different uses associated with them. The common components or parts that are associated with camera are body, lens, aperture, shutter, and transport and view finder. These cameras’ parts functions in unique ways:

The Body is the compartment which is light-tight, and in which the recording medium is placed. The Lens is the transparent element that is used for focusing light rays to the medium for recording. The Aperture is the component that is capable of controlling the light that reaches up to the storage medium. The Shutter decides the amount of time that the controlling medium is exposed to light. The View Finder is the way by which the captured images can be seen. Transport is used only in the cameras that use films and helps in moving film and also holding it in the correct position.

Most professional cameras function in a similar manner to each other but there are few differences associated with the way they are operated. These differences set certain cameras apart from one another and also make them perfect for their particular functionality. Professional camera manufacturers tweak these camera parts to make a particular camera type unique in its own way. Here are few types of professional cameras that you can find in the market.

DSLR Camera

The Digital SLR camera was originally introduced as a tool specifically for professionals and they were so expensive. This kind of camera has become widely available now with a reduced price giving it the opportunity to be more accessible to consumers. The problem is that most people do not know how to operate it properly. There is not much of a difference than other cameras, except for the physical adjustments of shutter and aperture.

When you are choosing the subject for capturing, make sure that it is done by considering the limitation of the camera. When you are capturing a picture with DSLR, keep it steady and perhaps use a tripod. The setting of the camera should be made to fully automated mode and also have aperture priority – mode. Choose the lens that is suitable for the situation. Then capture the image from the angle that you want.

View Finder Camera

This is a kind of camera in which the viewfinder is separate from the lens. This is a configuration that can be commonly found in the cheaper and normal cameras and certain professional cameras also make use of this configuration. The major problem associated with this kind of camera is that the image you are seeing may not be the one that is recorded. In the case of DSLR, the recorded image is same as that you see. This kind of camera also possesses certain advantages that include higher levels of light and low noise.

Twin Reflex Camera

This is another kind of camera that has two different lenses associated with it. One lens is for the purpose of the photographer while other lens is for the viewfinder. This camera is helpful in capturing photographs that are special and can form an unusual composition.

View Camera

This is the kind of camera that was developed in a historical time. It has flexible bellows that are capable of forming as a seal that appear between the two different standards that are adjustable.


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