Digital Photography Schools


A picture is known to speak a thousand words, and the art of learning expression through images is what photography is all about. Here are some of the top digital photography schools that will mold your photography skills.

Traditional Digital Photography Schools: 

1. New England School of Photography:

Based in Boston, this institute has a dedicated focus on photography. The first year of the course deals with a thorough learning of the basics while the second year revolves around practical application depending on your area of interest.

Cost: $23,000

2. Brooks Institute:

This California based institute offers an MA in Photography and a BFA in Professional Photography. It is known to be one of the best digital photography schools in the USA.

Cost: $4,360 / 8 week session.

3. The Los Angeles Photography School:

This is a location based institute which involves extensive works at surrounding studios as part of the assignment. It gives you the option of choosing your own curriculum and pick the ones that interest you and pay for the same.

Cost: Based on your choice of classes- individual classes vary from $175-$500

4. The Art Institute of Pittsburgh:

This is a wide spread institute with 45 branches and also an online course option. It offers a Bachelor’s of Science in Photography. The school boasts faculty who are well-equipped and have years of experience in the field of photography.

Cost: $84,960

Online Digital Photography Schools:

1. Academy of Art University:

As an accredited university, you can earn your Masters and Bachelors with this institute. With over 30 editors and videographers, the videos have been created to ensure that you make the best use out of the course.

Cost:  Around $20,343

2. New York Institute of Photographers:

Dedicated institute for all levels of photographers, the New York Institute of Photographers is one good site that makes online education feel close to the brick and motor traditional education. A completion period of 3 years is provided. However, you can also complete the course in half the time.

Cost: Varies within the limit of $348-$1198

3. School of Photography:

As an individually paid for course, it offers everything you need to know regarding digital photography. It is admired to be one of the top digital photography schools. The site has experienced tutors who provide valuable feedback on photography.

Cost: $400 and $266 for level 1 & 2 courses respectively.

4, Icon Photography School:

Giving you your own space and freedom, this is a more practical class that focuses mainly on assignments and projects. It is a typical online class that doesn’t have extensive resources, but is groomed with expert photographers who back you.

Cost: $175

Photography can be learnt either in the traditional manner or through an online course. Whichever is your choice of learning, the only criteria it requires would be a thirst for knowledge as well as a genuine passion in this field. You must also be committed to do everything required to learn the art of pictures and practice the same.


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