Earning A Photography Degree Online

Earning A Photography Degree Online

Following your passion can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life.  For some people, the idea of pursuing a career in photography seems like only a dream.  However, it can be a reality since photographers continue to be in high demand in various sectors of the economy from advertising to industrial and even scientific.*  The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the number of jobs for photographers will rise by thirteen percent between 2010 to 2020, which is an average increase when compared to other professions.**  However, before you pursue your photography career, you may want to earn a degree in photographic studies from an accredited online university or college.

An online photography degree offers several advantages over traditional pathways of education.  The first and most obvious one is that you have greater flexibility to pursue your studies while still maintaining full time employment.  Beyond that, however, is the fact that online schools allow for students to gain access to creative minds in photography without having to travel to the cultural centers of the world or pay enormous education costs.  This helps for students to enhance their photography skills and learn the most they can without being inconvenienced by restrictive schedules.***

Before choosing a photography school online, you should do some necessary research to make an informed decision.  The most important thing to initially look for is accreditation.  By being accredited, these programs have passed the minimal requirements set by professional governing boards that oversee online educational programs.  At the very least, such accreditation ensures that you’ll be receiving a comparable education to what is taught in a traditional classroom setting.***

Next, you should enquire about the school’s track record for developing the talents of photographers who ultimately go on to rewarding careers.  The school should be able to provide information, including the latest numbers concerning how their graduating classes did once they moved out from the digital classroom into the real world.   An important number is the percentage of graduates who have successfully found jobs within their area of study.***  This will allow for you to better judge the school’s reputation among professionals and hiring managers, as well as the likelihood that you will find employment as a photographer after graduation.

Finally, research the school’s faculty to see what they’ve accomplished during their careers as photographers.  There should be at least a few instructors who have industry experience.  These teachers can be invaluable resources of information when it comes to helping you segue from your old job into a career in photography.*

By using the tips mentioned above, you should be able to effectively narrow down the choices to the best ones for you, and make a good decision as to which online photography degree program is best for you.



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