How to Become a Fashion Photographer


Fashion is one area that continues to push the envelope with new trends which keep coming up each day; sometimes with some brewing controversy for their funny yet trendy nature. Being a fashion photographer may be an exhilarating experience if an individual masters the art of originality and innovation. Fashion being a vibrant industry, may be a money generating profession if one lives up to the image of the ever-changing fashion world. Any photographer who understands current fashion trends and is able to deliver striking images which sell the style and look of these clothes are in high demand, making them a money generating venture*.

Several universities and colleges offer courses that specialize in fashion photography. In most instances, the institutions employ the services of established photographers as visiting lecturers. If one undergoes the full photography program, they may get the idea of what a potential photographer ought to do. A full-time based course is typically accentuated by seminars, lectures, and workshops that are studio based with technical instruction workshops. There may also be trips to well-known fashion centers, tutorials and fashion groups. For an individual with essential and peer evaluation skills, they may be able to make it in the fashion photography field*.

Anyone who wants to make dynamic and innovative fashion images may find it advantageous to seek photography courses offered within most curriculums. Fashion photography is a profession worth trying out if it is a passion you possess. One may need creativity and a desire to develop new skills. There are various universities that offer degrees in fashion design and performance sportswear designs. If one has the interest, they may complete collaborations and briefs to develop technical skills in making images while at the same time gaining knowledge of fashion. While pursuing the course, one may get to work across a variety of media while trying out ways of capturing the world of fashion, which keeps changing from time to time. Skills gained may include advanced retouching to editing techniques in the fashion world. This gives one the opportunity to gain a global understanding of the industry. By the time one is ready for the job market, they may be able to own skills, confidence, knowledge and the business drive that is needed for success**.

Assessments for the course are visual, verbal and written. In the final year, there may be an exhibition and portfolio. After successful completion, one may be able to work in several areas. They include; being a picture editor, film-maker, fashion photographer, agent or researcher. One may also work as a director of creative arts and management, multi media specialist, retouching artist among others. In fact, there are several opportunities to work in disciplines of fashion, advertising and film**.

In other instances, some fashion photographers start out as assistants for established photographers then gradually learn on the job. While the job is good if one gets their source of income, the profession is physically stressing as one has to carry cameras to plenty of destinations in search of projects. This calls for advice on ways of lifting the objects without subjecting the body to undeserved strains**.



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