Film Photography vs. Digital Photography

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Digital photography and film photography; which is better? This is a common topic of debate in the world of photography because many professionals prefer the traditional film photography while others prefer the modern style of photography. They both have their advantages and disadvantages, so they can be beneficial to a certain person while being ineffective to some. If you are going to consider a photography degree, here are some of the things that you need to know about the pros and cons of digital and film photography.

A few years back, many people said that film photography is better because you can buy a film roll almost anywhere while buying a digital memory card is difficult. However, finding film rolls is quite difficult nowadays because of the popularity of digital cameras. They are easy to buy in the past, but it is quite different now. Film photography is also cheaper since you are only using a traditional camera without a lot of electronics in it. You can even say that disposable film camera has the same price as a film roll.

Photography is all about taking pictures of anything that interests you, but how can you take shots if your digital camera does not have any battery left? This is where film photography is beneficial. They do not need batteries to operate. All you need is a film roll, and you can take shots anytime you want without thinking about battery life.

Digital photography, on the other hand, also has a lot of benefits to the users. You can take thousands of photos without the need to think about a film roll. They do not need film rolls because the pictures are saved directly on the digital memory card. When it comes to printing pictures, you do not have to print all the pictures. You can select the pictures that you want to print out to save money. Editing of pictures is also faster on digital photography. You simply need to upload the pictures on the computer, use a picture editing software and print it out. Film photographers still need to scan the pictures before they can edit them. Also, scanning pictures may reduce its quality, so it is not advisable. The best thing about digital photography is you can review the pictures that you have taken. If a particular picture is not appealing to you, it is possible to delete the picture directly on the camera and take shots as much you want until you get the picture that you wanted.

As you can see, digital photography and film photography have their own strong and weak points. If you are getting a photography degree, it will still depend on your choice so choose wisely.