How to Learn Photography


Photography is a passion and with the advancement in the field of science, photography has given birth to a lot of devices and accessories which have taken photography to a different level.  Once you have a desire to be a photographer, you may easily learn photography using various tips and tricks available online. Before learning any kind of photography one may need to be clear about the kind of photographer he wants to be. There are different types of photographers such as wedding, travel, wildlife, studio etc. All these types of photography are different in nature and require different skills*.

The first and the foremost thing one should learn is the basics of a camera. Generally, people start from DSLR i.e. Digital Single Lens Reflex camera. One may use different accessories with such cameras and every setting can be set manually. So, virtually any photographer to be should know how a camera works and what things are the basics of photography. Once the foundation is ready, one should be very clear about each assisted setting of the camera and the basic functional settings of the camera. The reason behind this is that cameras can be used for different purposes in different ways and one should be very clear about the settings and functions before getting into any kind of photography. For this manual of camera is the best source of knowledge with practical experience**.

It becomes important to understand the composition and technique of using a camera. Once you are ready to take basic photographs, you may be good with at least one photo editing software like Adobe photoshop, Picasa etc.

Apart from all the aforementioned tips, one should understand that the base of photography is innovation and timing. You may be ready at that moment because photographs capture moments and a photographer should be smart enough to capture the best moments, be it wedding photographer or wildlife photographer. Innovation should be the prime focus because it adds life to the idea and the photographer.



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