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Photography has been one of the most technologically interesting worlds to watch evolve. What once took nearly eight hours to shoot and develop now takes mere seconds. Photographers of the past gathered and carried bulky devices while photographers today can pull a phone out of their pocket and snap high quality photos. As we enter 2013, the photography technology only advances further.

Photography technology was on display at this years Consumer Electronics Show where all these cameras were on display.

First on the slate is a line of new “smart cameras” from Samsung. Better known for its smart phones, Samsung has taken the initiative and merged together the smart phone and camera, a smart step considering the current market.

Samsung’s Smart Camera flagship device is the Samsung Galaxy Camera which runs the Jelly Bean Android operating system (Android’s latest build) with a 16 megapixel camera. The device can shoot 1080p HD video at 30 FPS and it features a 21x optical zoom. What makes this device so much different from the usual Wi-Fi enabled camera is the use of the Android operating system. The entire back panel of the camera is a touch screen that looks and operates like most Android smart phones.

The camera also has access to most Android apps which allows for users to browse the web, edit images/videos, and upload them directly to their website of choice, all from the camera itself. While the image quality is right around the level of most high-quality compact digital cameras, the ability to utilize a smart-phone interface on the back introduces a new breed of camera. The logical next-step for a generation of social networking photographers and a huge step for all of photography technology.

Canon has announced a new portable camera that removes the traditional shutter button from the compact digital camera, replacing it with a ring around the lens that takes the photos. The Canon Power Shot N allows for photographers to take images at angles that were previously unreachable and its portability makes it a nice on-the-go camera revolution for both the novice and professional photographer.

Panasonic took the portable camera and took it even smaller with its wearable HX-A100 camera. With the intention of being mounted on helmets, shoulders, or even backpacks, the A100 has a Wi-Fi feature which allows the user to directly stream HD footage to the streaming website UStream, something that will definitely be expanded upon in the future of photography technology.

One trend in the photography world that sees continuing upgrade is the retro camera look. Both Pentax and Fuji have announced updated compact cameras that feature retro styled shells but the technology of high-powered compact cameras.

With all the innovations in photography technology coming to cameras in 2013, the market for new photography adopters and old professionals grows even larger. Whether you make use of the connectivity found in the Samsung Galaxy Camera or the portability of the Canon Power Shot N, there are options for photographers of all types to learn and work from.

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