The Brooks Institute of Photography

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California is home to a diverse set of colleges and universities, ranging the gambit from highly competitive to work specific. Within this system is a subset of colleges focusing on the arts. The Brooks Institute of Photography is one such institution, whose primary focus is on a comprehensive and professional curriculum. This means providing students with the skills, knowledge, and experience they will need to succeed in the current market.*1

Where is the Brooks Institute of Photography?

The Brooks Institute of Photography is located Santa Barbara California.  The Brooks Institute is a for profit system of universities, consisting of two different campuses.*1

A Brief History of the Brooks Institute of Photography

Established in 1945, the Brooks Institute attempts to live by its motto, “Passion, Vision, Excellence.”*2 The first photography students comprised mostly WWII veterans returning from the wars with an interest in photography.  The creator of the Institute, Ernest H. Brooks served as its first president until 1971, when his son filled in, greatly expanding the reach of the institute and adding unique features like the underwater video and still photography programs.*2

Programs offered at the Brooks Institute of Photography

The Brooks Institute of Photography offers a number of programs for study.  Based in Santa Barbara, there is the program of professional photography, with an emphasis on digital imaging, commercial, advertising, portraiture, and digital media.*2

Other programs of study include film and video production, and visual journalism.  In addition, the Brooks Institute of Photography offers a masters in Fine Arts of Photography, and a Fine Arts in Screenwriting.*2

Requirements for the Brooks Institute

The requirements for the Brooks Institute of Photography are similar to application processes seen at colleges and universities. However, given that it is for profit, getting in is easier than competitive institutions.  Depending on the program, a portfolio may be required.*1

Some Final Notes

The Brooks Institute of Photography has had a relatively illustrious career as an institute responsible for creating many screenwriters, photographers, and successful professionals in the industry. Finally, the Brooks Institute of Photography has undergone significant restructuring, decreasing the size of the institution in an attempt to increase the focus and bring it back up to the levels of prestige it once held.*2


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