The Top Ten Photography Schools in the US

The Top Ten Photography Schools in the US

With recent improvements in technology, cameras and other photography gadgets, there are several professional opportunities in the photography industry, in general. There are several photography schools in the US that may help you pursue a career in photography. Students who enroll in these schools may include amateur photographers who seek new methods of making money, individuals who seek assistance in launching their photography careers, and photographers who wish to market themselves using the best methods. Here is a list of the top ten photography schools in the US:

1. New York Institute of Photography:[i]

This school offers courses that allow students to learn and practice photography from home. Courses also teach students how to grow their photography businesses by attracting clients and using a well-       strategized marketing plan. Charging clients is also part of the course outline because several people generally do not know how to properly charge for their services. Other courses include Photoshop for     photographers, video making, story-telling, digital photography fundamentals, and professional photography.

2. Yale University:[ii]

The photography program at Yale is very exclusive because it only admits nine students per year. Students will present in front of a panel of staff members each week who offer their expert advice and            critique.

3. School of the Art Institute of Chicago:[iii]

Here, students generally learn theories of photography through multifaceted approaches. They also practice with state-of-the-art equipment and resources in an environment where the staff is always            there to help.

4. Rhode Island School of Design:[iv]

Here, students learn how to capture and print images like a professional. Students may also learn new techniques in high-end printing at large scales. Others topics covered include installation and video        projects. The professors at this school typically encourage their students to think outside of the box.

5. California Institute of the Arts:[v]

CalArts offers a 10-week photography program where students will learn the history and theories of photography and have the opportunity to exhibit their work after completing the program.

6. University of New Mexico:[vi]

At the University of New Mexico, students have access to one of the largest collections of fine-arts photographs. They also have access to a variety of photography equipment and tools needed for lighting     and printing. The photography program integrates topics such as video, film, sound, and performance. Students are expected to be highly self-disciplined and creative.

7. Rochester Institute of Technology:[vii]

This school offers several degree levels in photography such as a Bachelor’s in Advertising Photography, Photojournalism, Biomedical Photographic Communications, Imaging and Photographic                        Technology and Imaging Arts Master of Fine Arts (MFA). With this wide variety, students generally receive top-notch education and training.

8.  University of California, Los Angeles:[viii]

Here, students focus on the theory and history of photography while emphasizing proper photography techniques. Other art and video projects are encouraged.

9.  California College of Arts:[ix]

This school is packed with expert staff members who are renown in the photography realm. Staff members include a New York Times photo editor and a Smithsonian Magazine photographer. With a                 highly experienced staff, students are allowed to express themselves visually and receive important critique.

10. Colombia College, Chicago:[x]

This is another school with highly experienced faculty. The faculty includes eight Guggenheim Award winners, who offer their advice and critique to students. Here, students learn basic techniques and           design fundamentals.


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