What Does A Photojournalist Do?

what is a photojournalist

If you want an exciting career that will allow you to use your artistic talent, you may want to consider pursuing a career in photojournalism. This career field will allow you to share your passion with the world, while informing others of important events and issues. Every day, a photojournalist can change the world for the better.

The responsibilities of a photojournalist greatly depends on whether the journalist is self-employed, and where he or she works. A self-employed photojournalist works on his/her own hours, then contracts their work out to various publications. Others are employed by newspapers or magazines, which task their photojournalists with providing clear, high-quality images which communicate a specific message. A Photojournalist working on their own has the option of covering whichever topic they choose, although many prefer to focus on a specific niche. Those employed by media outlets are typically directed to focus on a single area, such as sports or entertainment. For some people, their job as a photojournalist puts them in the line of danger. This is especially true for a photojournalist working in war zones and third-world countries.

Some photojournalists are self-educated, but this is becoming less of the norm today. With advanced technology and competition in the field, the best educated photojournalists are the most likely to find employment. Most full-time photojournalists hold degrees in journalism, news media or photography. After gaining technical skills in college, photojournalism students work on building up their portfolios, networking and obtaining internships. A good internship can do wonders for one’s career, as it allows beginning photojournalists the chance to make valuable contacts.

The photojournalism field is extremely competitive, an unfortunate fact only made worse by the decline in print media. Photojournalists skilled in social networking may be able to procure employment for online sources. In order to better position yourself to enter the field of photojournalism, it’s important to attend a respected photography school (see our list of featured photography programs).

Photojournalist Salary

Photojournalism is considered to be one of the most exciting careers within photography. If you have a passion for photography and adventure, photojournalism may be the career for you. Photojournalists are either self-employed or work for networks or websites, capturing and distributing newsworthy images and events. Photojournalists earn on average $31,000 annually. Those who work for larger news corporations as opposed to freelance work tend to see higher salaries.*

*According to Indeed.com

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