Online Photography Schools vs Campus

online schools_vs-campus schools

In the past, it has been very difficult and time consuming for working professionals to attend college classes and earn their degrees to compete with the fresh batch of college graduates. This is even truer in the world of photography. Whether it is online photography schools or the on-campus programs, there are options available for the average photography student. 

With the ever-growing host of opportunities afforded by the internet have come a plethora of online college degree options that make it incredibly easy to fit into any busy working professional’s schedule. True, there are quite a few inferior schools advertising online programs, but these are actually fairly easy to weed through, and none of them offer photography programs, anyway.

Due to the hands-on nature of the discipline, the ability to take photography classes online is a fairly new concept and practice; however, the freedom and flexibility this option affords to up-and-coming photographers is not to be underestimated. While on-campus instruction is still a reasonable option for many students just out of high school, online photography schools have increasingly become the more practical choice of working adults.

The amount and quality of education received at online photography schools is equal to that of the on-campus photography schools, but the online student saves time by not having to commute to and from campus, waiting around for classes to commence, or engaging in fruitless or off-topic discussions. Most online classes are still structured to ensure class involvement, but since most of that is done via online dialogue posting, it takes the form of homework. There are also new innovations In fact, for an online student, the entire educational experience basically consists of homework.

Doubtless, there are some who would argue that pursuing a degree in photography from home requires too much personal discipline and scheduling. It is absolutely true that with greater freedom comes more responsibility and that the online student must manage his/her time wisely in order to be successful in any online course. That, however, is a point in favor, not against online learning. After all, any independent photographer who hopes to be successful in their chosen field will need to be a highly motivated self-starter and personal discipline is one of the most important factors of this.

Future clients and employers will expect the photographer to be disciplined enough to handle multiple contracts at a time, and to meet deadlines and deliver product in a timely manner. Online photography degree programs encourage the development of skills necessary for every professional adult. There is also a level of collaboration not seen anywhere else in online photography schools. Uploading images and commenting allows for fast feedback.

Beside lack of time, another common barrier to the pursuit of higher education, especially of the arts, is finances. Often, online classes are less expensive, if not tuition-wise, then in the savings of fuel or other transportation costs make it the more attractive choice if one is deciding based on one’s financial status. Online photography schools offer a long-awaited solution to several problems faced by potential students, especially if they already have jobs and/or families but still want to pursue a degree in their passion of choice, in this case–photography.

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