Photography University: Brooks Institute

Photography Unviversity

When you decide to go into the photography field, you will have many options open up. It is important that you gain some education prior to entering the very competitive field of fine arts. You can do this by reading and getting a mentor, go to school online, get an associate’s degree, or get a Bachelor’s degree. When you are looking at Bachelor’s degrees, many think that you can only obtain them through general colleges, but this is not the case. While rare, a few universities focus solely on photography.

Brooks Institute in California is one of these universities. They offer degrees in Fine Arts for film, graphic design, and professional photography. You can get a Master’s in Photography or a Bachelor’s in Visual Journalism. Because they only focus on photography degrees, you will not have as diverse education if you cannot find something after graduation. However, you will have all of the support you need to help you succeed.

Just like any university, Brooks is not cheap. This is especially true since Brooks is a specialty university. You can apply for scholarships, or other financial aid, but you will want to make sure you know how much to apply for. They assist you in this endeavor by offering a calculator that helps you figure out the cost of your education.

Brooks has been around since World War II and only started with twelve students. The fact that they are still in operation today should tell you that photography universities are possible; if that is the route, you desire to take.