Top 5 Photography Schools

top 5 photography schools

So you’ve finally decided to become a photographer? Great!  However a successful career in the field of photography requires a good amount of training with camera formats, editing software and printing processes.  With so many exciting things to learn you might be wondering which school is right for you.  Luckily there are plenty of online and physical photography schools available to you.  You want to be mindful of whether the program you’re attending offers certifications or degrees.  Here’s a short list of the some of the best photography schools in the country that offer a bachelor’s degree:

1.  The Arts Institute

The great thing about the Arts Institutes is that they’re offered in various cities all over the country, as well as online.  Their instructors are established artists from those same cities.  The Art Institute of San Francisco is considered one of the very best schools for Art and Photography.

2.  California Institute of the Arts

CalArts was the first higher learning instruction created specifically for visual and performing arts, so not only will you get your know-how, you’ll also get to know who’s who (being in Valencia, CA about 30 minutes away from Hollywood) and plenty of bright, inspiring subject matter.  CalArts functions more like an artist think tank than a traditional university.  No need to worry about GPA or SAT scores, CalArts just wants to nurture your creativity so you can become the next great fine arts portraitist photographer.

3.  Pratt Institute

The Beastie Boys got no sleep till Brooklyn and you can expect the same if you enroll in this prestigious program located in, that’s right – Brooklyn, New York. Named one of the country’s best value in private colleges, which is why this institution receives more applications than any other art school in the county.  Better get yours in today to attend one of the best photography schools in the nation.

4.   Parsons

Located in Greenwich Village, New York, Parsons offers photography students the chance to work closely with the up and comings of the fashion industry, with its Fusion Fashion Show and Parsons Fashion Benefit.  The campus boasts a 77 percent female population, so its girl power and eye candy galore – plenty of photo ops there.  If fashion photography is the field of your dreams, this is definitely the school for you.

5.  New York Film Academy

This little known private school made the list for a few reasons: there have campus locations in industry centers around the world, including Paris, Rome, Abu Dhabi, Seoul, NYC and Los Angeles; included in the cost of tuition is your very own Canon or Nikon camera.  It’s an intensive program with small class sizes and probably the easiest program to learn the transition from still photographer to cinematographer.

Any of these photography schools represents a huge step forward for any potential photographer. These photography schools will guide you towards a long and successful career in the world of photos.

Get information on photography degrees by using the form on this page.  School representatives will guide you through the process and answer any questions you might have.

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