Why Earn A Photography Degree?

What Can I Do With A Photography Degree?

Are you interested in pursuing a career in photography?   You may want to go to school and earn your degree before seeking out a job.   A degree in photography can be considered to be the stepping stone on your career path.  There are many different potential career opportunities for those who have earned their photography degree.

A degree may not always be necessary in order to get a job involved with photography.  However, the job marketing is becoming competitive and an associate’s or bachelor’s degree is an important career resource because it can help distinguish you as a candidate with formal training.*  Visual artists (photographers) are needed across many different industries, including advertising, film, television, fashion, geological surveillance, and architecture. Specifically, careers in graphic design, digital printing, and advertising have modest, but steady job projections. Across all fields, photography jobs are expected to increase by 14 percent by 2020.*

Here are several photography career choices* you may be interested in:

Advertising and Commercial Photographer

An advertising and commercial photographer is tasked with shooting images that would be used for marketing purposes.  They usually work in studios, outdoor shoots, editing labs, or office settings.  From commercials airing on television, to the images that large billboards sport across the city, there is a photographer involved in its making.

Architecture Photographer

Architecture photographers usually are involved with on-location shooting, office and home settings.  They take pictures of buildings and landmarks whether for public art projects, urban planning endeavors, or real estate advertisement. It’s a challenging form of photography that requires you to visually characterize a space in only a few frames with unpredictable lighting.

Fashion Photographer

Choose fashion photography if you are attentive to trends and enjoy creative, free art forms.  It is used to represent and sell clothing, but it is done in an artful and creative way that emphasizes a story and style that accompanies the product. Clients looking for adventurous or creative portraits might work with a fashion photographer to get an unusual or unique image.

Food Photographer

Food photographers are responsible for shooting food items provided by grocers, restaurants, and fast food establishments. Their chief goal is to accentuate the color and dimensions of food so it appears more enticing and plentiful.


Photojournalists often travel to politically or socially volatile places and it can be a high-risk occupation.  They communicate political, social, and economic change domestically and abroad through their photos.  Sometimes photojournalism can lead to work abroad where you’ll get to explore new cultures.

Portrait Photographer

A portrait photographer can work freelance, for an entertainment company, publication, media house or for film and television production companies.  They may take candid photos of people in natural positions or managing a photo shoot for numerous subjects, like families with children.  Their goal is to capture the essence or personality of a person in an image.

Product Photographer

Product photography is integral to the advertising world.  Product photographers follow the technical shooting specs of their clients to create clear images, and this job is office-based and less flexible.   It can also be used in conceptualization, prototyping and development of specific products.

Sports Photographer

Sports photographers are responsible for telling the story of the game through images and taking pictures of athletes and celebrities at sporting events.  Although you may be able to enjoy field-level access to top athletes and coaches, you will have to remain focused on obtaining optimal shots.

Wedding & Events Photographer

If you enjoy working with people, you may enjoy people a wedding photographer and taking photos of participants during wedding ceremonies and the receptions that follow. The job of a wedding photographer does not stop after wedding day, as you can expect to spend weeks editing and sequencing the proofs, as well as handling album orders.


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