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Famous Cityscape Photograph Locations


Cityscape photography focuses on the most beautiful parts of a city and can highlights the beauty to be found even in dilapidated and run-down areas. The beauty that can be found in cityscape photographs can easily help one to feel better about the city that they live in, while simultaneously providing beautiful pictures to anyone else who may wish to view the city. This article will cover some of the most famous cityscape photograph locations in the world today.

National Geographic and Photography

national geographic

National Geographic is known for its breathtaking photos taken around the world. Photos often feature specific tribes, various ethnic groups, landmarks, as well as flora and fauna. The photography featured in National Geographic has been so groundbreaking that they have actually influenced photography as a craft. Not only that, but their publications and contests continue to influence and inspire photographers.

Surf Photography

surf photography

There are many different types of photography and surf photography is one of the most established and popular. When you think of photography you instantly think of art and motion. Surfing is one of the purest forms of motion and epitomizes the beauty of movement. Both harmony and nature are also strong aspects of surf photography and have helped to catapult this type of photography into mainstream culture. It started to gain recognition in the early 1980’s and has come a long way throughout the years.

The Greatest Photo Galleries

greatest photo galleries

Art galleries are an important factor in our society. Whether we know it or not, art galleries possess information about our history as a society. The artifacts, images, paintings or historical writings, depict a certain time in our history. Art galleries act as a time capsule full of individual pieces of our human existence.

One Camera for All Purposes

one camera

Times have changed a lot when it comes to the digital world and cameras. A decade ago people were still using Polaroid cameras, nowadays the competition is fierce. Every smartphone includes a camera, however professional photographers need a little more than that. If you just enjoy photography as a hobby, you need a reliable camera that includes multiple features as well as an affordable price tag.

Nature Photography

nature photography

Nature photography is about capturing the inherent beauty from the natural scenery outdoors. Photographers can use plants and animals in their natural habitat to capture photographs that are often some of the most unique, stunning, and highly-appreciated photos in the world.

Black and White Photography


Black and white photography is a subjective form of photography. Some think of it as the “poor” version of a color photograph. Some schools of thought feel as if black and white photography is limited, because you only have so many shades of gray to use. Subjectivity aside black and white photography can often look more captivating and clear than its color equivalent.

Wartime Photography: Robert Capa

robert capa d-day

Capa was born in Hungary in 1922; he was a photo journalist and war time photographer who was involved in photographing five separate wars. These wars where the the , the , , the , and the .

Edward Weston- Quote of the Day


For some people, composing a shot is something that comes from within, and can’t be calculated or planned.
Weston was one of those people. For others however, the science behind a composition must be worked out down to the smallest detail, a lot like Andreas Gursky. Both styles have strong arguments as to why their way is better, but really, it comes down to just that: style.

Photographing the Civil War: Matthew Brady

civil war camera

Matthew Brady is one of the most popular Civil War photographers and is now highly celebrated; however there was a time where his true-to-life depictions and photos of the war were frowned upon. After the war the public sought to forget  the brutality and gruesome violence of the previous years. As a result, Brady lost much of his notoriety.