Top 10 Types of Photography – What Type of Photographer Are You?

Top 10 Types of Photography

A picture speaks a thousand words. What one can’t express with words can be represented by means of art. Photography is one such art. But ‘photography’ isn’t just a single genre. There are different types of photography that utilize various equipment, techniques and environment. What type of photographer are you?

Here are the top 10 types of photography:

  1. Candid Photography
    The best pictures are those that are taken without the awareness of the subject. Natural expressions and clueless looks are sometimes the most classic. Books and newspapers often employ a huge collection of candid photographs.
  2. Wild Life Photography
    One of the most challenging yet adventurous kinds of photography is wildlife photography. This kind of photography is considered a profession and hobby by many. Some important characteristics are patience and alertness.
  3. Studio Photography
    If you like to get what you want and have full control of lighting, hair and background, then you may want to consider a career as a studio photographer. There are many settings for this type of photography, like portrait shots for passports, weddings, or model/product shots in the fashion industry.
  4. Portrait Photography
    Letting expressions convey the message is what portraiture photography is all about. In this type of photography, you capture a person or group of people—with the focus on the face. Simple facial gestures like smile and frown or eyes focused directly to the camera add a look of reality to the photo.
  5. Food Photography
    Food photography is one of more common type of photography, due to the demand in the field of advertising. Professional photographers in this specialization capture photos of food to be used in books, advertisements, or packaging.
  6. Street Photography
    Street photographers aim to capture the social interaction of people on the streets. The photograph is generally taken candidly, and it focuses primarily on humans or objects projecting human characteristics.
  7. Floral Photography
    Floral photography is a type of still life photographer, in which flowers are the main focus. Floral photographers work in a variety of settings. For example, floral shots are needed for botanical and medical studies. They are also needed for books, advertisments and retail signage in the floral business.
  8. Sports Photography
    Sports photography is a branch of photojournalism. With the prevalence of professional sports, professional sports photographers are needed to capture sports moments for newspapers, agencis and magazines. A great sports photographer can capture the historic moments of the sports players and teams.
  9. Bokeh Photography
    The term Bokeh is Japanese, meaning blur. The aesthetic beauty of blur can be used in photos to add emphasis on the light or to add extra effects to the picture. Bokeh is typically used to make the subject stand out against a blurred background.
  10. Underwater Photography
    Underwater photographers take photographs while submersed underwater, such as diving, snorkeling or swimming. Because of the unique environment, special equipment and techniques are usually involved. These types of photographers capture underwater landscapes, animals and features.
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