Famous Cityscape Photograph Locations


Cityscape photography focuses on the most beautiful parts of a city and can highlights the beauty to be found even in dilapidated and run-down areas. The beauty that can be found in cityscape photographs can easily help one to feel better about the city that they live in, while simultaneously providing beautiful pictures to anyone else who may wish to view the city. This article will cover some of the most famous cityscape photograph locations in the world today.

Bay Bridge with San Francisco

The beautiful Bay Bridge in San Francisco provides a perfect image for a cityscape photo. Just as the sun is going down and the bridge lights up, the amazing juxtaposition of nature and human achievement is plain to see.

Bay Bridge Cityscape


While the Brandenburg Gate is one of the most photographed metropolitan features, aerial and elevated views of the city are widely known for their photographic beauty. From these elevated positions many yellow and purple hues draw attention to the varying architecture and vibrant colors of the city.

Berlin Cityscape


The varied topographical features and skyscrapers in Frankfurt, Germany lend themselves perfectly to being photographed. The old architecture is common photographic fodder but the most stunning images come from the city’s skyline set against a clear sky.

Frankfurt Cityscape

Night Scene of Hong Kong

While many cityscape photos are taken during the day, Hong Kong really shines at night. Colors bounce and reflect off everything from shimmering skyscrapers to the adjacent water. The contrasting colors are what really make this cityscape unique.

Hong Kong Cityscape

Monte Carlo, Monaco

This cityscape features many of the different aspects that Monte Carlo has to offer, including the ocean, trees and beautiful architecture that is prevalent in the city. Viewing this image gives one a great idea of what it would feel like to live in this area, near such beautiful, crystal-clear water.

Monaco Cityscape

These are just a view of the variety of famous cityscape that can be found. Cityscapes are a great way to truly imagine what it would be like to live in one of these beautiful areas.


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