Links to Additional Photography Information

Here are some helpful links to additional photography information:

  1. Ken Schory is a landscape and architectural photographer with a wealth of experience in industrial design. He uses his power of vision and different photographic techniques to compose images that tell stories. Through countless hours planning, refining and processing images, he strives to share his experiences in nature with his viewers.

  2. Since 2005, this website focuses on providing news, reviews, tips and tutorials on digital photography and photography products.

  3. This official home page for Saugus, Massachusetts, outlines many photography and scanning related links. Resources range from wedding photography, 35mm slides to digital conversion services to professional photographer websites.

  4. Tony, creator of this site, travels to Iceland to take breathtaking landscape images. See his huge collection of Icelandic images and find a handful of photography resource links.

  5. This website was designed to inspire, educate and inform all types of photographers. Visit this resource to interact, share photos and get photography tips.

  6. Frank Zipperer specializes in fine art nature photography pictures. He is based in Asheville, North Carolina. His works and vision have been inspired by Edward Weston, Paul Strand, John Sexton, Georgia O’Keeffee, Jimmy Katz and more.
  7. Don is an avid nature photographer, capturing wildlife the Rocky Mountain region, East Africa, Costa Rica, South Africa, Alaska, Florida and other locations. He resides in Wyoming near Yellowstone. His photographs have been published in many books, calendars and magazines and have earned recognition in several competitions.

  8. Daylight is a non-profit organization that publishes art and photography books. It features a unique collection of publications in the areas of art and photography.

  9. Launched 2012 in Berlin, Photo-Berlin is a contemporary documentation of Berlin people and events. This project consists of workshops and lectures held by esteemed and award-winning photographers and photojournalists.

  10. Lon J. Overacker outlets his passion for the great outdoors in the form of photography. He now primarily uses 4×5 formats to capture photographic landscapes.

  11. John Morris Photography is a leading wedding photographer in Las Vegas, NV. They are experienced in delivering fun and memorable wedding and engagement photos and are committed to developing a long relationship with clients.

  12. Specializing in architectural photography – we travel consistently throughout the United States and Canada, and often can eliminate travel expenses for our clients. This unique and successful approach provides the high quality project images you need while staying within budget. Our experience is in photography and architecture. Since 1994.

  13. Comprehensive art directory featuring a variety of art resources and art jobs.

  14. Established in 2001, this directory includes a listing of photographic resources.

  15. Birdwatching tours and wildlife photography in Bulgaria, Romania and Greece.
  16. Santa Fee Digital Darkroom provides customized and unique photography workshops for clients. Take a look how you can get to the next level with their expertise. 
  17. Established professional stock photographer based in Vancouver Island.
  18. Slices of Silence by Nathan Wirth was created to interact and interview a variety of different photographers. This page has a list of his interviewee’s as well as related and useful photography websites.
  19. Nathan provides a resources page with links to inspiration, friends, magazines and blogs all photography relevant.

  20. Peter Watson is a professional landscape photographer and with his personal website he provides an excellent resource as well as his own work.

  21. Ron is an experienced wildlife photography expert. He showcases his gallery and has educational material for photography enthusiasts to utilize.

  22. PGH Pictures, Rege Curtis, displays his stunning gallery of photographs from around the world and is respected among the best in the industry.

  23. This page from 5 Pieces Gallery Photo showcases many photographs for sale and offers a large variety of images.
  24. specializes in high definition culinary photography and portraits. They are the best in the business and optimized just for food.
  25. Dino was born and lives in Monferrato, Italy where he takes most of his shots. He mainly focuses and black and white photos and enjoys long exposure shots as well as extreme weather opportunities to take photos of lighting, wind and storms.
  26. Eric Bilstra is owner of this website and his specialty is on fine art landscapes. Take a look at his site as he displays landscape and natural scenes from all over the world!

More links to come.