The Fisheye Lens

fisheye lens

The fisheye lens has been in use for years. Not too long ago, it was the go to choice for advertisements, CD covers, and various other methods of marketing (gotta love the 90’s). It was attractive and different, and it provided a unique view of the image. What makes this type of lens truly incredibly is that it has many more uses. It is far from simple and straightforward, and it can produce some phenomenal photographs. Photographers continue to take advantage of it and have fun with it because of the many unique possibilities it offers. Any photographer is going to enjoy playing with the many opportunities that you have with this lens.

When you look at a photo taken with a fisheye lens, you are going to realize that this lens was used immediately. It is an unmistakable and remarkable effect that creates a unique image, making it feel as if you are looking at something through a fish bowl. It is like a bubble, and it is something that can be manipulated to create astonishing images. It is able to do this by bending the light.* The shape of the lens causes the light to bend and to curve the image, resulting in what you have once the photo is taken.* This is very different from the straighter lines of light that you normally have with your basic photographs.

This effect can change the way that you take photographs. You need to look at photography in a new light and you need to change how you set up a photograph. While something may look good in your basic rectangular, simple image, it may not have the same appeal when using a fisheye lens. You have to use shapes and space to your advantage here, composing an image that creates a flow and that works with the lens. This is a challenge at first for any photographer, but the results will allow you to develop more skills and grow.

If you do this successfully, the opportunities are truly astounding. Any photographer will be able to make more of every moment because of this, and it is possible to change the mood and the appeal of an image with this simple effect. It can help you to send a different message and it can help you to change the way that people view something. A fisheye lens is able to manipulate a view in multiple ways because of this.


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